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Kansas City Cafe Launches CBD-Infused Canned Cold Brew

Kansas City Cafe Launches CBD-Infused Canned Cold Brew


Kansas City Cafe Launches CBD-Infused Canned Cold Brew

A Kansas City company recently announced the launch of its new CBD drink.

In many ways, CBD has fallen into place as the frontrunner in the rapidly growing acceptance of cannabis. Even in places where marijuana remains illegal, it’s becoming more and more common to see CBD products. And often, CBD is added to various other products. Most notably, skin care products, foods, and drinks. Most recently, a coffee roaster in Kansas City, Missouri unveiled a new line of canned, CBD-infused cold brew coffee.

Canned Cold Brew Coffee with CBD

The new product is being made and sold by The Roasterie, described by local media as one of the largest coffee roasters in Kansas City.

The company recently announced the launch of its new CBD drink. In a Facebook post, The Roasterie shared a picture of a can of its new CBD-infused cold brew. Additionally, the company described the product, calling it “our first Canned Cold Brew line extension with our new CBD Cold Brew.”

As per the company’s post, the CBD coffee is being made in partnership with a CBD company called CBD American Shaman, another company based in Kansas City.

To get all the CBD cannabinoids into the coffee, the company said they slow steep the brew for 19 hours.

For now, cans of the CBD-infused cold brew will cost five dollars. And they are available in the Kansas City area at all American Shaman stores. Additionally, the company will sell cans of the beverage at its own store, The Roasterie Cafe.

Growing Acceptance of CBD

The Roasterie’s new CBD coffee product takes advantage of CBD-friendly laws in Missouri. Under current laws in the state of Missouri, certain forms of CBD and CBD products are allowable.

Notably, voters in Missouri approved a new medical marijuana law last fall. Amendment 2 now allows doctors and patients to decide whether or not medical marijuana is appropriate.

But even before Amendment 2, Missourians were allowed to access certain forms of CBD—even though recreational weed is still not legal in the state.

It is becoming increasingly common for CBD to be legal in places where cannabis continues to be outlawed. In large part, that’s because CBD is credited with providing the bulk of marijuana’s therapeutic properties while THC is largely responsible for the psychoactive effects.

Either way, CBD may be something of a catalyst for larger changes to cannabis laws. More specifically, CBD could serve as a stepping stone toward a broader acceptance of cannabis as a whole.

Cannabis and Coffee

Interestingly, cannabis has found a seemingly good pairing with coffee. And The Roasterie isn’t the first company to recognize the possibilities of putting the two together.

For example, there are already several coffee shops in weed-legal states that offer some form of cannabis-infused coffee beverage.

There’s even a cannabis company that makes cannabis-infused coffee pods designed to be used in a Keurig coffee maker. So far, the San Diego-based BrewBudz makes cannabis tea, cannabis hot chocolate, and cannabis coffee.

And it’s even more common to see these types of products infused with CBD. That’s generally because CBD is more widely legal and available than full-on marijuana, giving companies more room to experiment with new products.

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