What Are the Easiest Cannabis Strains to Grow?

You don't need to be a green thumb to grow the easiest strains.

So you want to try your hand at growing weed? We’re glad. Growing your own bud can be one of the most rewarding experiences a cannabis enthusiast can have. To be sure you’re successful, be sure you start out with the right strains. Here are the easiest cannabis strains to grow. They’re perfect for beginners. But they are also great for experienced growers who want to get some great bud without a whole lot of effort.

11. Utopia Haze

This strain, bred by the folks at Barney’s Farm, is easy to grow. But be sure you keep your eye on it because it grows quickly and can easily get too tall to manage. But with a little bit of space you should be fine. When the plant is mature it will produce loads of crystal-coated flowers. Utopia Haze is high in cannabinoids, with buds containing upwards of 22 percent THC. When you smoke it, this strain will hit you with some big-time cerebral highs.

10. Green Crack

When it comes to consuming cannabis, nothing is as popular as Green Crack—it’s why they call it Green Crack. Try it once and you will immediately want more. The good news for growers is that it’s one of the easiest sativa strains to cultivate. The only potential problem is that Green Crack is a clone-only strain. But if you can get your hands on a baby Green Crack plant, go for it. You will be blown away by the quality of the bud your plant will eventually give you.

9. Blueberry

When it comes to the easiest cannabis strains to grow, Blueberry is an excellent choice. It has a unique set of characteristics. First off, flowers have beautiful streaks of blue and purple mixed in with the green. And when it comes to consuming this strain, you will love its terpene profile that gives it the smell and taste of berries. To top it all off, it’s relatively easy to grow. You can grow this strain indoors or outdoors with great success.

8. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is legendary. Year after year, it’s one of the most popular strains thanks largely to the pleasant, uplifting, inspiring cerebral highs it produces. It’s also one of the easiest cannabis strains to grow. In particular, this strain is very resistant to mildew and root rot.

7. Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese responds surprisingly well to LEDs, which makes it the perfect choice if you are growing in tight spaces or if you are trying to grow indoors without breaking the bank on expensive lighting systems. It’s also a hardy strain that can survive underwatering, overwatering, and stress. And when it matures, it puts out flowers that produce tons of trichomes.

6. Sour Diesel

This sativa heavyweight is known for producing intense head highs. Sometimes they become borderline hallucinogenic. If you want to grow this strain, then you should check out Dinafem’s auto-flowering version of it. Auto-flowering seeds will move into the flowering phase all on their own, without any changes to the light they receive. This makes them especially easy to grow.

5. Lemon OG Haze

Lemon OG Haze creates a well-balanced high that hits your head and your body. The end result of smoking it is a pleasant sense of uplifting calm. For growers looking for the easiest cannabis strains, check out the auto-flowering version of this strain, which you can get from Nirvana.

4. Gorilla Glue #4

This strain is known for producing buds that smell and taste amazing. Gorilla Glue #4 plants are small and bushy, which makes them really easy for growing indoors. They do especially well with the Sea of Green technique. This is an excellent strain for growers of all skill levels.

3. Northern Lights

Northern Lights ranks high on our list of the easiest cannabis strains to grow for a couple reasons. The biggest is that it’s super hardy. It will bounce back from pretty much anything, so if you make a few mistakes along the way your plant will probably be fine. Similarly, it does not smell that strong while it’s growing, so if you need to grow on the down low, this is a great option. To top it all off, the strain is a cannabis classic. It’s an indica that will give you a quick-hitting body high.

2. Girl Scout Cookies Auto

This strain produces amazing buds with high levels of THC—sometimes as much as 22 percent. And the auto-flowering version, made by FastBuds, is easy to grow. They grow quickly, flower all on their own, and require very little maintenance. A great all-around choice for any grower looking for the easiest cannabis strains to grow to get great bud.

1. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is always a fun choice for home growers. That’s because most plants produce an incredible amount of flowers. You will be shocked at how much bud you get from even a single Wonder Woman plant. And since they are relatively easy to grow and take care of, they are the ideal strain for new and experienced growers alike.

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