4 Cannabis Strains To Help You Relax

Relax With Weed

We all have a boiling point where we just get so angry that we lose it on everyone and everything around us. Know that anger is a totally normal and human response, but there is an herbal way to calm down. Try these strains to relax when life makes you want just to boil over and scream.

Death Star

If someone has royally pissed you off, or it’s just one of those days, try Death Star. Death Star is an indica dominant cannabis that promotes euphoric and relaxed vibes. Due to the high THC content, the feel-good effects will hit you hard to counteract your inner anger and last for more than a couple of hours.

The medicinal use of this strain is pure to deplete stress or over thinking. Smoke some of this strain before bed to have a relaxing night sleep, without any anger.

Yabba Dabba Goo

You have to admit that even the name of this strain is calming you down. Yabba Dabba Goo is the perfect balance of relaxing indica and uplifting sativa, making this a must try the hybrid. This strain comes from a California tropical strain family meaning it’s aroma and taste match it’s feel good effects.

The medicinal use of this strain is for any pains, aches, and specifically for Chrone’s disease meaning it will give you an overall pleasant body high. The sweet aroma of this strain is extremely sugary, which would remind you heavily of Fruit Loops or Lucky Charms. Some happy scents.

Shark Attack

This strain is perfect for a smoker who wants to relax, but not immediately go to sleep. Shark Attack is a dominant indica; however, the effects are not as powerful as some other indica strains. The mellowing and relaxing of Shark Attack will put the user into a body and cerebral high that will promote thoughtfulness.

The buds of this strain are what make it so unique, dark flowers with a white coat of resin. The best way to smell the aroma of these beautiful buds is to break it apart by hand.

Durban Poison

The only sativa to make our list of calming strains, this strain is for those that want to brush off the anger and get moving with their day. Durban Poison is a strain with a relatively high THC, coming in on average at 15 percent. This strain promotes focused energy and an uplifted spirit to know off all tension that the smoker is feeling.

The powerful effects of Durban Poison are used to treat mental illness, such as depression or bipolar disorder. Therefore, the effects are powerful enough to get you back in the game, after a minor anger setback.

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