7 Hemp Kicks That Are Better Than Yeezy’s

Hemp Kicks Guide

If you want to have cool ass sneakers without giving money to Kanye, you have some serious options. Don’t you worry now! These hemp kicks won’t break the bank, but they’ll still make your feet look F-ing awesome. Also, you’ll get to walk around with pride knowing that you’re shoes are organic.

1. Raw Nike Air Force Ones

These high tops have a black base with a bright green cannabis print that will show everyone where your heart, well feet, actually belongs. The kicks also have a strapped in the Raw lighter that’s refillable and can help you pack down a bowl full of herbally goodness.

2. The Adidas Stan Smith’s “Happy”

These low top Stan Smiths are both made to help the environment, but also made so you can hide your precious stash. The shoe’s logos are embellished with marijuana-friendly jokes including, “May Cause Relaxation” and “Dosage: 420MG Take At Least Once A Day.” These sneakers kick it up a notch with a special compartment underneath the tongue that’s a perfect size for storing your stash.

3. The Adidas Tubular

Adidas is kicking it with these amazing hemp kicks yo! The Tubular is being dubbed the “Hemp Yeezy’s,” due to its apparent structural influence took directly from Kanye’s design. The shoe is more like a boot than a sneaker. However, it remains lightweight and versatile because of the hemp material.

4. The Rawganique Geneva Sneakers

The Rawgnanique Geneva sneaker is a beautiful handmade creation that will make you the most hipster version of yourself. The classy looking high tops are made out of organic hemp by shoe masters in Europe, (we’re not trying to impress you, but if the shoe fits.)

5. The Vans’ Bali SF

The SF is a laid back surfer sneaker that’s perfect for those lazy California days filled with boarding and baking. This sneaker is a slip on shoe made with hemp textiles for a smooth and organic feel. These Vans represent the relaxed and carefree feeling of Cali and summer by mixing lightweight materials and a fun design.

6. The Adidas Seeley

Bringing it back to Adidas with these original design canvassed hemp kicks, the Seeley is a cliche’ Adidas with its generic low top tennis shoe form that is embellished with Rasta colors on the sole. It’s the old school look and modern hemp texture that make these shoes something new and cool. You’re just wearing your grandpa’s old Adidas, son.

7. The Nike SB Hemp “Dunk”

If ball is life, then these shoes are a must. The upper part of the Nike Dunk including the tongue and body are made of all natural hemp, with a leather Swoosh stitched into the side. Even though the outside of the shoe is an earthy brown, the tongue and the heel have little sparks of green and orange. Light up the court and then light up a joint in these bad boys.

You now have seven different ways to drop Kanye, but still wear a great f**king sneaker.

" Missy Amato : Missy is a Green Rush Daily writer hailing from Jamaica, Queens. She's a slam poet, writer, and cannabis enthusiast/connoisseur.."