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Nike’s Releasing New Hemp Shoes For 4/20


Nike’s Releasing New Hemp Shoes For 4/20

Nike Hemp Sneakers

With the holiest of all holy days on the stoner calendar fast approaching, Nike’s getting into the 420 spirit by releasing new hemp shoes made entirely out of hemp.

Nike’s line of skateboarding gear, Nike SB, just announced the upcoming release of its new Nike SB “Hemp” Dunk Low.

From the looks of it, Nike’s trying to let the hemp be the real star of the new shoe design. To make the hemp stand out, they’ve gone with a more toned down, organic look.

The upper body of the low-top shoe is made out of a natural-looking, tan-colored hemp fabric. From there, it’s got the usual Nike swoosh stitched onto the sides, and a black sole for a little contrast.

Simply put: you can get high this 420 in full-on cannabis style. You’ll be smoking green and wearing green at the same time.

Nike hasn’t said for sure when the new Hemp Dunk Lows will be available, but you can be pretty sure it’ll be in time for the annual celebration of all thing cannabis.

This isn’t the first year Nike’s had some fun on 420. In fact, it’s looking like the company is trying to establish some sort of tradition of releasing special 420-themed kicks every spring.

In past years, the company has come up with shoes like the Dunk Skunk, the Hacky Sack Dunk, and the Cheech and Chong Dunk.

Obviously, Nike isn’t the first shoe company to come up with the idea of making hemp shoes.

Adidas has a shoe called the Seeley Hemp Athletic Shoe that’s made almost entirely out of black-dyed hemp. The Seeley Hemps go with a bit of a Rastafari theme, including red, yellow, and green insoles and soles.

Nike SB Hemp Shoes

Nike Hemp Shoes Release 4/20

Along with Nike and Adidas, part of Bob Marley’s commercial legacy is a shoe company called Bob Marley Footwear. Not surprisingly, that company has a number of shoes and sandals also made out of hemp.

And there are tons of other companies making pretty much everything you can imagine out of hemp: hemp clothes, hemp concrete, hemp lotion, hemp tampons, even a car made out of hemp.

Add to that cannabis-infused foods and drinks, along with cannabis-derived medicine, and you’ve got an entire world made of the cannabis plant.

But even if you’re not ready to build a house out of hemp concrete, you could always start by lacing up some hemp on your feet and lighting up some bud in your bowl.

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