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Nike Is Making New “Spaced Out” Kicks To Celebrate 420 This Year

Nike Is Making New "Spaced Out" Kicks To Celebrate 420 This Year


Nike Is Making New “Spaced Out” Kicks To Celebrate 420 This Year

With 420 right around the corner, Nike is getting ready to release a brand new pair of kicks designed specifically for weed’s high holy day. This year’s cannabis-themed SB Dunk Highs are going with a sleek “spaced out” look.

Nike 420 SB Dunks

Nike Is Making New "Spaced Out" Kicks To Celebrate 420 This Year

This year’s commemorative 420 Nike SB Dunk features a clear outsole and thick white base.

The light-colored bottom of the shoe contrasts nicely against the darker tones of the shoe’s upper. The kicks include black mesh panels on the sides and back, with an all-black tongue.

And while all this helps create an eye-catching color scheme, the real star of the sneakers is the patent leather green panels.

A Weed-Inspired Design

Nike Is Making New "Spaced Out" Kicks To Celebrate 420 This Year

That’s also where the distinctive 420 flavor kicks in. The homage to the sticky icky goes even deeper, though.

The shoe’s shiny green upper is decked out with an intergalactic theme: stars, rainbow specks, and iridescent clusters of star dust explode across the entire shoe.

The shoe’s design is notably different from past 420 Nike kicks. Last year, for example, the company released the Nike SB “Hemp” Dunk Low.

The body was made out of a natural-looking hemp fabric. Subtlety was not the focus on last year’s model. Those shoes were all about giving you a chance to wear something made out of the cannabis plant.

But this year’s model seems more focused on the experience of consuming cannabis. The green immediately reminds any weed enthusiast of some dark green nugs. The star-flecked design references the spaced out feeling you get after a killer smoke sesh — especially if that sesh included a strong sativa strain.

Alternatively, the “stars” all over the shoe’s body could also be crystal-complements to the shoe’s dark green color scheme. If you think about this way, the shoes start to resemble huge, crystal-coated, trichome-rich, THC-soaked nugs.

So which one is it? A spaced out homage to exploring the cerebral highs of smoking weed or a design based on actual cannabis flowers? That’s for you and your friends to decide this 420 when you’re good and baked.

A 420 Tradition

Nike Is Making New "Spaced Out" Kicks To Celebrate 420 This Year

With the release of this year’s 420-inspired SB Dunk Highs, Nike continues what has become an annual tradition of coming up with special cannabis-themed kicks.

Last year’s model celebrated all things cannabis by going with an upper body made out of hemp. Other models include the “Skunk,” a green and purple high top reminiscent of cannabis flowers, and the “Blunt,” a toned down red, brown, and amber high top.

Back in 2011, the shoe company also released commemorative Cheech & Chong Dunks.

Those shoes included a red banana design. The whole thing was a throwback to the style of Cheech and Chong’s classic stoner movies.

And Nike isn’t the only shoe company to celebrate 420. Adidas and other shoe makers have all gotten in on the trend of releasing weed-inspired kicks or shoes made out of hemp.

Nike’s 2017 space-themed, crystally 420 shoes do an excellent job of continuing the tradition. They’re dope AF, and they celebrate the experience of getting high.

The shoes are set to hit stores around or on April 20. Snag a pair as soon as they go up for sale and celebrate 420 in high fashion.

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