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These Ripped Sneakers Cost More Than Your Rent

These Ripped Sneakers Cost More Than Your Rent


These Ripped Sneakers Cost More Than Your Rent

Sneakers that look like a chew toy? We are as interested as the next person in making sure we don’t leave the house looking like a mess. However, it seems that the most recent trend in fashion is to basically do just that.

All Torn Up

These Ripped Sneakers Cost More Than Your Rent

The first fashion statement I saw sporting this trend were the jean designs from PRPS. These included the Barracuda Distressed & Bleached Denim Jeans as well as the Kuma Japanese Straight Leg Jeans. The former retails for $425 and the latter for about $300. I’m still not entirely sure what they’re trying to accomplish, but I do know that the pricing is ridiculous. However, nothing can compare to the price tag on these new ‘Future Destroyed High-Top Sneakers’ from designer Maison Margiela.

But They’re Avant-Garde Sneakers

These Ripped Sneakers Cost More Than Your Rent
If I buy a pair of $15 white high tops, staple them a bunch of times, then hand them off to my puppy, I’ll get similar results. So why the hefty price? Mainly, because they can. Maison Margiela sees that ‘dirtied’ and ‘ragged’ clothing is trending, and with the luxury name that they have, people will undoubtedly find the value somehow in these ripped up sneakers.

Don’t let the outward appearance fool you, though.Maison Margiela’s luxury brand has always been known for their Avant-garde designs and obscure and unique fashion shows. These shoes fit right in. Boasting a price of $1,425 at Neiman Marcus’s site, these shoes look ridiculous.

These sneakers are constructed from Italian-made leather, and if you click on the Neiman Marcus site link above and click the back view, you can see that the inside of the shoe is expertly crafted and actually looks really comfortable.

Worth It?

These Ripped Sneakers Cost More Than Your Rent

Maybe after 6-10 good hits. But definitely not. There are plenty of people that slave over the current trends and luxury labels, and I am sure that these high tops will sell very well. But for those of us like myself who want a roof over our heads, we’ll stick with staying confused and ignorant to the lives of those willing to drop $1,500 on shoes that look like the original Air Force 1 high top prototype from the 80’s.

But if you ever do feel the need to walk into a high-end store looking for similar products, make sure you sound articulate when you ask where they keep their ‘deconstructed apparel’.

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