6 Stereotypes People Who Smoke Weed Are Sick Of Hearing

Despite the growing acceptance of cannabis, stoner stereotypes persist. These six myths are especially annoying to those who love weed the most.

Cannabis enthusiasts are no strangers to stereotypes. Since there was weed to smoke, people have been judging those who smoke it. As a result, whole library of stoner stereotypes has been invented and circulated throughout popular culture. It’s unfair, but it comes with the territory of toking. However, by busting these negative stoner stereotypes, more people can come to know weed smokers for who they really are—creative, intelligent, motivated and just like them—only cooler.

1. All Weed Smokers Are Lazy

Along with most other stoner stereotypes, this one is just getting old. All stoners are not lazy. In fact, most work just as hard as anyone else. There is a long list of people who have smoked weed that are extremely successful in life and I’m not just talking about rappers. Oprah and Steve Jobs among many others. The key to smoking and being successful is moderation and it’s unfair to assume all stoners don’t know how to control themselves.

2. All Weed Smokers Do Other Drugs

This long held stereotype is a favorite of mothers. As well as the belief that weed is a gateway drug. It’s not and they don’t. Many people who smoke don’t even consume alcohol because of its anxiety-inducing qualities and harmful effects on the body. If there is one thing stoners love about weed it’s the fact that there is no hangover and you don’t waste money on food you’ll just throw up later that night.

3. All Weed Smokers Are Stupid

See number six. The same comments apply here. Contrary to the popular belief that weed will melt your brain, it won’t and stoners aren’t dumb. For a lot of people who smoke, weed allows them to access parts of their mind that can sometimes be shut down by fear, anxiety, what have you. Cannabis also increases creativity.

4. Women Weed Smokers Are Trashy

Ah, the wonderful sexist stereotype that make women roll their eyes and another blunt. Women have to deal with these annoying statements and others like “smoking isn’t ladylike” or “that’ll make you ugly.” Okay? Some women drink wine to relax after a long day, others pack a bowl. One hundred percent of these women do not give a damn about what you think.

5. All Weed Smokers Are Always High

Unfortunately, no. We can’t always be high and we don’t even always want to be. Sure there are some days that require chain smoking to get through—like family reunions where everyone is asking why you aren’t pregnant yet or why you still have a nose ring. It’s my life grandma!

6. All Weed Smokers Are Napping When They Don’t Text Back

This is just false. Sometimes we are busy eating.

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