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10 Myths About Women Who Smoke Weed

Pu$$y Weed? 10 Myths About Women and Cannabis


10 Myths About Women Who Smoke Weed

Common Stereotypes and Judgments Towards Women Who Smoke Marijuana

For women who smoke marijuana, there are plenty of negative and hilarious misconceptions about us. We laugh them off because we know they’re not true. More and more women are picking up a joint, and not just teenage girls trying to impress their friends. But don’t think your boss or your professor has never tried the puff-puff-pass.

And though we all love Snoop Dogg, smoking weed is no longer a male rapper stigma. Women celebrities are speaking out, or rather, smoking out for the normalization of weed. Miley Cyrus and Rhianna never fear lighting up a joint on stage, but other celebrities smoke regularly as well.

When it comes to advocating legalization, women are at the forefront. Women have a rich history of equal rights and activism, and we tend to get what we’re striving for.

Here are 10 myths about women who smoke weed.

1. Women smokers are lazy and lack ambition

Pu$$y Weed? 10 Myths About Women and Cannabis

It’s safe to say that many people in general smoke marijuana to relax and check out of reality every once in a while. Life is stressful. However, to presume every woman who smokes weed doesn’t want to achieve great things in her life is a massive misconception. This myth has no fact-based argument, simply an outdated mindset that needs to shift,


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