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New Study: Cannabis Consumers are Happier and More Successful

New Study: Cannabis Consumers are Happier and More Successful


New Study: Cannabis Consumers are Happier and More Successful

The study debunks historical weed stereotypes and found that cannabis consumers are happier and more successful.

The future of weed is looking really bright. As more states continue to legalize and the cannabis industry continues to boom, attitudes about the marijuana plant are changing. Weed lovers already know how amazing it is. And how much it helps the mind, body, and soul to smoke, vape, and eat it. But in the fight against the War on Drugs, it’s super important for science to back up what cannabis consumers have always known. Good news! A brand new, groundbreaking study by BDS analytics did just that, debunking the classic “stoner” stereotype while showing how weed truly improves our lives and well-being. The study also found that cannabis consumers are happier and more successful than most.

Cannabis Consumers are Happier and More Successful

This probably doesn’t come as a big surprise to most stoners: Americans who love weed tend to have better lives. (And more money). According to the awesome new study, the average household income for California stoners is a whopping $93,800 a year. And about 20 percent of them hold a Master’s degree, while 64 percent are employed full-time. Who says that weed can’t make you smarter and more business savvy? In comparison, the study “acceptors,” or people who don’t use weed but consider it, make about $72,800 a year in The Golden State. “Rejecters”, or anti-cannabis folks, make an average of $75,900. This is fascinating stuff, as the average income for Californians is roughly $53,291. These stats certainly beat the stereotype that people who smoke weed are lazy, uneducated, and can’t hold a job. The opposite is true. Cannabis consumers are happier and more successful in life.

Weed Lovers Just Love Life

Not only do smokers have more money on average, they also tend to be happier. Nearly five in 10 Colorado cannabis consumers reported being more satisfied with their lives than they were a year ago. Thirty-six percent agreed that they are very social people, compared to 23 percent of weed “rejecters.” It’s no wonder! Weed can help broaden your social network and make you more talkative and friendly. Stoners in Colorado also are more likely to enjoy fine arts and think of themselves as creative.

When you’re happy, you’re more likely to be generous and give back. That’s probably why 60 percent of weed lovers in California think of themselves as nurturing people, compared to 41 percent of weed rejecters. And it shows! Thirty-eight percent of Californian smokers volunteer in their spare time, compared to 25 percent weed rejecters. Stoners are also big fans of being outdoors and enjoying the natural world.

New Study: Cannabis Consumers are Happier and More Successful

Stoners Make Great Parents

This finding may be the most surprising for anti-weed advocates. Sixty-four percent of California smokers are parents. They are also more likely to have children ages 10 and younger. Forget what you hear about weed lovers being bad influences and negligent. The opposite is true! Stoners are not only making money and working hard in their communities but having and raising kids.

What This Means for Cannabis Lovers

This amazing study is the first of its kind. It’s also ongoing, meaning researchers are still working hard to learn about cannabis consumers. Weed lovers have satisfying, fun, and social lives. Whether they are using CBD oils to treat a skin condition or smoking to relax and make art, the fact remains that cannabis is a positive force in our lives. Contrary to popular belief, it does not make people lazy, flaky, and apathetic. Hopefully, as more research emerges, weed won’t be seen as so bad by most people. And hopefully, more states will legalize cannabis and find new ways to use the plant as medicine and for recreation. In spite of setbacks and challenges, this is certainly an exciting time to be a stoner! The takeaway is clear: cannabis consumers are happier and more successful on average.

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