What Would Ilana Glazer Do? How to smoke like the Broad City Queen

She’s the Queen of weed, sex, and living it up in her twenties like a total lunatic. That’s the amazing and hilarious Ilana Glazer of Broad City fame. Lampooning young adult life in New York City, it’s hands down one of the funniest shows on TV. And it’s even better to watch stoned! But how can you smoke weed just like Ilana does? It’s not an easy question to answer, as Ilana’s character lives moment to moment. Her attention span is also pretty limited. But with that in mind, there are few surefire ways you can toke like the Broad City Queen.

Smoke Weed During Sex

During sex, Ilana isn’t afraid to ask for what she wants. She even demands what she wants on the regular. And if someone sucks in bed, she’ll kick them out ASAP. Though things can get a little crazy for her sometimes. Not only does Ilana like to call her BFF Abbi on FaceTime during a romp in the sack, she also likes to get super stoned while she’s with a partner. Scratch that. Ilana gets stoned all of the time. Like, especially during work hours. Which we’ve seen can actually make her a pretty awesome leader when she puts her mind to it.

Smoke Weed to Find Things You’ve Once Lost

Whether you’re missing a remote control or your entire underwear collection, you may need to smoke sometimes to recall missing memories of where you’ve put things. Ilana has found this especially helpful. See, she smokes so much that she sometimes loses track of time. This doesn’t happen to every stoner, but Ilana is a special kind. Research actually supports that in moderation, weed can help with memory restoration. Imagine that.

Create Impromptu Smoke Sessions With Total Strangers

Hey, why not? Ilana will smoke up with anyone, as long as they’re willing and able. Outgoing and vivacious, Ilana is proud of her identity and eager to talk to anyone. She also just flat-out doesn’t care what people think of her, which is a great way to be as a cannabis enthusiast. There’s enough judgment from the outside, so why bring it into the greater cannabis community? Be like Ilana, and enjoy how weed makes you friendlier and more sociable. Use it as an opportunity to get to know people you may otherwise not. Smoke sessions with randoms are usually always awesome.

Make Insane, Over-the-Top Edible Concoctions

The Broad City Queen of cannabis is also an amazing (if not unorthodox) edibles chef. She can whip up some of the most potent, delicious drinks and delicacies out there. Even if you aren’t experienced in the art of cannabis cooking, you can totally learn by making your own stuff at home. Whether it’s a cannabis cocktail or a yummy canna-muffin recipe, just about anyone can become a stoner chef. Weed really does work well with any dish or drink. Bon appetit!

Share With Your Best Friends

No matter what life throws her way, and no matter how broke she is (and New Yorkers can get very, very broke), Ilana will always help her BFF Abbi smoke up. Even though Abbi would much rather buy her own weed, Ilana is never hesitant about sharing her own stash with her friends. It’s one of the things that make her the most lovable and endearing character, despite all of her many eccentricities. But that’s really a big part of why we love her so very much.

Get Political

Perhaps most importantly, Ilana is a total political advocate. She’s never afraid to voice her opinions on the patriarchy and capitalism. She’s certainly never afraid to speak up for people’s right to smoke and enjoy weed. Even if you aren’t up for talking politics all day like Ilana is, it’s important to support other weed smokers and elect officials who will help put an end to the War on Drugs.

" Julia Rubin : Julia Rubin is a Brooklyn-based author. Her work has appeared in publications like the North American Review, The Lascaux Review, and Sierra Nevada Review, and she has written for a variety of online media companies like AllDay and Wetpaint Entertainment."