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Miley Cyrus Says Her Mom Got Her Back Into Weed

Miley Cyrus Says Her Mom is the Reason She is Smoking Weed Again
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Miley Cyrus Says Her Mom Got Her Back Into Weed

With a little of encouragement from mom, she’s at it again.

There’s nothing unusual about celebrities smoking weed. And many celebrities are very open and public about their relationship with marijuana. In recent years, Miley Cyrus was one of the most outspoken weed-loving pop stars. But for the last year or so, the singer said she was no longer smoking weed. Until now. Apparently, Miley Cyrus has started toking again.

Miley Cyrus Said She Smokes Weed Again

The revelation that she’s back to smoking weed came in an interview with The Sun. In the article, Miley Cyrus said that she once again consumes cannabis. Interestingly, it was her mom that reportedly got her back into it.

“My mom got me back on it,” Cyrus told the news outlet. “We toke a little. Every now and then, you know.”

Later in the interview, she clarified that she still doesn’t smoke as much as she used to. In particular, the singer apparently tries not to get high when she’s working.

“When I’m just working I don’t think I function at my highest, most intelligent, most being-able-to-be-as-aware-and-as-present, so I don’t smoke when I work,” she said.

And Miley’s reportedly been hard at work lately, recording her next album. She said the album should be out sometime in 2019. But so far, she hasn’t mentioned any specific dates. Similarly, she hasn’t said anything about what the album might be titled.

But Miley recently teamed up with Mark Ronson to record the single “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart.” The music video for the song was released at the end of November.

Miley’s History with Weed

Miley Cyrus has had a constantly evolving relationship with cannabis. And in many ways, her relationship with weed has paralleled her evolution as an artist and performer.

Cyrus first came onto the scene as a child actor on the Disney show “Hannah Montana.” Then, when she branched out as a solo musician, her public persona and image underwent some dramatic changes.

Her transition from child actor to adult pop star was often controversial, especially among parents who were bothered by Miley’s embrace of sexuality.

At the same time, the pop star was very open about her consumption of cannabis. She regularly posted images of her smoking on social media. And she was not shy when it came to talking about weed.

But once again, Miley started moving down a different path in 2017. That’s when she announced that she had quit smoking weed.

“This is crazy,” she said in an interview with Billboard during May 2017. “But I haven’t smoked weed in three weeks!”

She explained: “I like to surround myself with people that make me want to get better, more evolved, open. And I was noticing it’s not the people that are stoned. I want to be super clear and sharp, because I know exactly where I want to be.”

No matter what anyone thinks of Miley’s ongoing evolution, music, or performances, the pop star has made clear that she is not afraid to change and to reinvent herself. And now, that seemingly constant reinvention includes adding a little weed back into the mix.

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