Robin Thicke Wants to Turn His Dead Dad’s Ranch Into a Weed Farm

Pop singer Robin Thicke apparently wants to move into the cannabis scene by opening a huge grow operation on his dead father’s ranch. The only problem is that the land is caught up in a massive—and confusing—fight over who has rights to it.

Robin Thicke Wants To Grow Weed

Robin Thicke’s father, the actor Alan Thicke, died suddenly last December. Since then, there’s been an ongoing fight between Robin and his brother Brennan, and Alan’s third wife, Tanya Callau.

On the one hand, Robin and Brennan claim that they are co-trustees of their dad’s living trust. Because of this, they say they have the right to choose what to do with his 11-acre ranch near Santa Barbara, California.

And according to new reports, Robin Thicke and his brother want to use the land to start growing weed. But Tanya is trying to keep that from happening.

She told sources that turning the estate into a cannabis farm would dishonor Alan. She said that Alan would not have liked the idea of using his land to grow weed.

On top of all this, Tanya is also claiming that she has rights to the ranch. According to reports, Tanya has a 25% interest in the ranch. She also claims that Alan gave her the right to live on the property for the rest of her life.

All the confusion over who can control the land and how it will be used has sparked a massive feud between Alan Thicke’s sons and his widow.

It’s A Good Time To Grow Weed

Regardless of how things play out, Robin Thicke couldn’t have picked a better time to move into the cannabis industry. Especially in California.

The state has long had an active cannabis scene. Medical marijuana has been legal for years. And beyond that, the state has been a hotbed for illegal growers.

Then last fall, California voted to legalize recreational weed. Retail sales won’t start until next year, but California’s legal cannabis industry is expected to be huge. If Robin Thicke can manage to get his hands on his dad’s ranch and turn it into a weed farm, he could score some serious green.

Celebrity Cannapreneurs

Robin Thicke isn’t the first celebrity to try moving into the cannabis industry. Far from it. For example, Woody Harrelson applied for a license to open a dispensary in Hawaii. His application was ultimately denied.

But other celebs, most notably Snoop Dogg, have found success opening cannabis businesses. The rapper and cannabis culture icon has successfully developed his own specialty strain. Similarly, he has partnered with cannabis businesses in Canada to help grow his weed empire.

Along with Snoop, there are a handful of other rappers who have become big players in the cannabis industry. Wiz Khalifa, Freddie Gibbs, and The Game have all launched successful weed businesses.

But it’s not just rappers who are moving into the industry. Country music legends Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson have both taken steps to enter the legal cannabis market as well.

If Robin Thicke can get his weed farm up and running, he’ll be the latest entry on this list of famous-musicians-turned-cannabis-business owners.

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