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How To Become Business Savvy With Cannabis

How Cannabis Can Make You Business Savvy


How To Become Business Savvy With Cannabis

It has been a myth that cannabis is the plant of choice for lazy people. That is completely untrue. With new benefits besides relaxation, cannabis just might be the way to make you some extra dollars. You might just become the ultimate business savvy human.

Cannabis and creativity go hand in hand. Newer ideas today are the ideas that are making insane amount of money. Flappy bird, Snapchat, and even Facebook were all new ideas at one point and were creative startups. Cannabis might just be the key to this creative thinking.

Cannabis produces a stimulus in our brain that produces new concepts and promotes divergent thinking. This means that cannabis allows us to think of new thoughts, not just reinvent old ideas. In this state of mind, we are therefore allowed to think of new business ventures or thoughts.

The perfect strain for creative thinking is one that is hybrid, or mixed with both sativa and indica buds. This allows the strain to give off both creative and relaxing effects, but without the paranoia. The strain ideal for this is Chiesel, which promotes creative cerebral effects, but also relieves anxiety.

Cannabis also gives the smoker an intense focus on mental projects, not just a sleepy effect. The focus that all business savvy people want is created by a sativa strain, like Pandora’s Box. The effects of sativa strains give off productive vibes, without becoming sleepy.

Indica strains are known to relax to the point of falling asleep, which is why they are mostly used for insomnia related illnesses.

Finally, we all know that a business savvy worker needs to be able to talk to customers, workers, or simple network at all. However, for some of us this causes social anxiety or nervousness.

Social anxiety is one of cannabis’s medicinal use. Anxiety depletes when you use cannabis because cannabis delays our response of, “fight or flight.” Our mind in any instance of social settings becomes nervous, however cannabis can help.

Cannabis with a high CBD count, and not a high THC content can greatly reduce the effects of a social setting or having social anxiety. A strain that has a high CBD concentration is the famous Pineapple Express.

Pineapple Express, ironically so, can give you a well balanced happy feeling, while getting rid of some networking blues. The business savvy person will know that happiness is the key to getting both respect and joy out of the job, which cannabis will definitely contribute to.

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