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Café Selling $59 Cannabis-Infused Shakes…That Won’t Get You Lit

Café Selling $59 Cannabis-Infused Shakes...That Won't Get You Lit


Café Selling $59 Cannabis-Infused Shakes…That Won’t Get You Lit


Café Selling $59 Cannabis-Infused Shakes…That Won’t Get You Lit

Medical marijuana fans in California with cash to spend might be excited by a new café selling $59 cannabis-infused shakes in L.A.

If you like experimenting with new ways to consume cannabis, a new café selling $59 cannabis-infused shakes in L.A. could be your thing. The only potential problem—besides the hefty price tag—is that these shakes won’t get you high.

Upscale CBD Shakes

Swissx Plant Pharmacy and Food Lab recently opened up shop in the West Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles. The shop bills itself as a health and wellness café that specializes in making plant-based foods and drinks. And CBD is the star of the café’s health-oriented menu.

According to the café’s website, the shop uses CBD oil imported from a cannabis production site in Switzerland as the base of its shakes and smoothies. Along with the imported CBD oil, the shop reportedly also uses a range of high-end, organic vegan ingredients.

From the sounds of things, Swissx is clearly aiming for an upscale vibe. As Eater Los Angeles described it, when you first enter the shop, you start off by using an iPad to answer a series of questions.

In particular, you can enter any information about health conditions you’re trying to address. Similarly, you can also use the tablet to ask health-related questions or to describe the kind of effect you want out of your shake.

From there, the Swissx staff will whip up a customized shake tailored to whatever you’re looking for. On the other hand, if you don’t want a customized shake you can simply order off of Swissx’s menu.

So far, the shop only has chocolates and shakes on its menu. But Swissx says it’s working on rolling out a full menu soon. After getting your CBD shake, you can hang out in the café’s luxurious seating and enjoy your cannabis-infused beverage.

While it might be exciting to see a café incorporating cannabis into its menu, it doesn’t come cheap. At this point, a CBD shake from Swissx will cost you $59. And since it only uses CBD and no THC, don’t expect to get high.

Final Hit: Café Selling $59 Cannabis-Infused Shakes

For many weed fans, $59 might seem like a pretty lofty price point for a CBD product. But according to Swissx owner Alki David and medical advisor Dr. Joseph Barsuglia, it’s all about tapping into the power of plant-based foods, including CBD.

“We are passionate about creating a healthy sanctuary for the community by collaborating with other people who are as passionate as we are about plant-based food, wellness, and education,” the café’s site says. “Through our partnerships with local farmers, we can provide hand-picked seasonal, organic health food & desserts and nutrient-rich juices, wellness shots, and elixirs that have the power to not only satisfy gourmands, but heal those in need.”

In many ways, the café is part of California’s ever-evolving legal cannabis scene. Medical marijuana has been legal in the state for years. Then in 2016, voters stepped things up a notch by voting to approve the legalization of recreational weed. From there, the full-scale retail sale of recreational cannabis began at the beginning of this year.

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