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Canada Is Launching A Retail Cannabis Training Program

Canada Is Launching A Retail Cannabis Training Program


Canada Is Launching A Retail Cannabis Training Program

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Canada Is Launching A Retail Cannabis Training Program

A weed pioneer and an advocacy group propose how we should train Canada’s new class of cannabis professionals.

One of the biggest problems facing post-legalization states and countries is making sure retail cannabis employees are properly trained. University courses and reputable programs are few and far between, since weed is, or was, illegal until recently. But most Canadians say that dispensary employee training is one of their biggest concerns. To address these questions, Mother’s Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is teaming up with Lift & Co, a cannabis media and technology company. Together, they’re creating a retail cannabis training program.

Canadians Want Dispensaries To Prioritize Training

Society doesn’t typically have the same infrastructure to deal with weed consumption in the same way as alcohol. Though drunk driving remains a serious issue, we have ways to test for alcohol levels. Additionally, bar and restaurant employees have a responsibility to notice when a customer has had too much to drink.

Canadians are concerned that we don’t have the same protocol set up when it comes to weed. According to a Deloitte survey, 71 percent of weed consumers and 69 percent of potential future consumers believe that having well-trained dispensary employees is of the utmost importance.

A Certified Cannabis Training Program

Lift & Co. and MADD are hoping to meet these demands. Lift is already Canada’s largest online cannabis review site and has a long history of hosting cannabis training events. MADD has a reputation as an educator when it comes to intoxicated driving prevention. Together, these two companies know a lot about safety and cannabis.

In a press release, Lift CEO Matei Olaru commented, “MADD Canada is a household name in Canada, synonymous with public awareness, and their years of expertise in instruction and curriculum development are invaluable as we develop standardized education for retailers who will be on the frontlines of the sale of legal recreational cannabis.”

They’ll offer the course online in various forms, one of which will be an accelerated 5-day boot camp. Dispensary employees can take it over a few days, and learn about their store’s specific products through Lift’s database. MADD serves as a third party that will offer impartial medical and safety advice.

Will Everyone Have To Take This Course?

There’s no word yet on what sort of employee training the government will mandate. Especially in the provinces where cannabis, like liquor, is sold by the government, they’ll surely need a standardized program. With MADD’s name recognition and Lift’s clout in the cannabis industry, this partnership could be the answer to Canada’s weed dispensary training questions.

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