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Cannabis Industry Exploding to New ‘Highs’ in 2016

Cannabis Industry Exploding to New Highs in 2016 - GREEN RUSH DAILY


Cannabis Industry Exploding to New ‘Highs’ in 2016

Cannabis Industry 2016

2016 has already hit some significant new “highs.” Even before the new year started, experts began celebrating the next 12 months as super important for the budding cannabis industry:

Sean Williams called this “Marijuana’s Most Important Year,” Debra Borchardt dubbed it “Marijuana’s Big Year,” Sera Jane Ghaly has declared this “the Big Year for Marijuana,” Rob Kampla has already claimed 2016 as marijuana’s “Biggest Year Yet.”

We could go on, but you get the idea—2016 is going to big.

One of the ways these market analysts and experts have reached their shared conclusion has to do with the number of national and international cannabis conferences scheduled for this year.

The conferences we’re talking about are significant industry events where companies get together to show off new products; experts speak of marijuana innovation, and a variety of cannabis industry players give presentations on what’s going on in the wide world of weed.

Borchardt reports that the number of these types of conferences has grown quickly over the past few years: there was only one conference in 2013, but already more than 30 have been scheduled for 2016.

For many, this trend is a positive indicator of the cannabis industry’s growth, and could point to better things yet to come.

“The conference ecosystem is another sign of the vitality and maturation of the cannabis industry as a whole,” said Jude Widmann, director of operations at GreenRush.

Widmann highlighted the opportunities for networking these conferences provide, as well as the chance to check out panels and workshops, as real opportunities for cannabis companies to pick up skills and contacts that will help the entire industry grow.

While cannabis conferences might be a good litmus test for gauging the vitality of the sector as a whole, others have started complain that there are just too many of them to be helpful anymore.

Borchardt laments: “Marijuana conferences have exploded . . . in 2016 saturating this emerging industry with too many events.”

“While some conferences are worth attending, others feel poorly arranged and only organized to enrich the organizers.”

And Kyle Sherman, the CEO of Flowhub, points out that the vast number of conferences ends up ” a lot of noise and chaos in the space,” instead of helping the industry grow in productive and meaningful ways.

Ultimately, it seems likely that the proliferation of cannabis industry conferences will prove to be the natural growing pains of a sector trying to figure out how to grow in what is still largely uncertain legal and economic terrain.

And one thing’s for sure: this much activity focused on how to create and deliver cannabis products and services to as many people as possible is a good sign for anyone interested in the many benefits of ganja.

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