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Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo Kicks Off In NYC

Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo Kicks Off In NYC


Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo Kicks Off In NYC

Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo

The 3rd annual Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo (CWCBExpo) kicks off today in New York City.

The event is one of the biggest of its type in the cannabis industry. It runs from today through Friday.

This year’s event includes a huge lineup of speakers, presenters, and companies.

In total, more than 100 cannabis related companies will be there.

Representing everything from growers, producers, sellers, and more—to media groups, investors, and nearly everything in between.

The group of speakers and presenters is just as diverse, including politicians, activists, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and much more.

Gary Johnson is one of the big name politicians who will be on hand at the event.

Johnson is the Governor of New Mexico and the Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee for 2016. He’s also a former cannabis businessperson and a supporter of cannabis legalization.

There will be a handful of athletes and former athletes who will be speaking about the benefits of cannabis.

In particular, there’s a big group of football players who will be participating in the event.

There is a growing trend right now of NFL and former NFL players who are speaking up for medical cannabis.

Many of them have said that the league’s rules against cannabis force them to rely on prescription painkillers to help cope with the injuries they get from playing.

And too often, those highly addictive prescription drugs end up doing more damage than good.

That’s why many athletes are starting to see cannabis as a safer, more effective way to cope with their pain and injuries.

The goal of the CWCBExpo is to bring together the various sectors of the cannabis industry and to provide a space to learn about the growing cannabis industry.

“The cannabis industry is estimated to top $35 billion annually by 2020,” the event’s website says.

“This radical growth will have a direct effect on nearly every industry.”

If nothing else, this week’s expo demonstrates just how diverse the cannabis industry is.

Although still young and growing, the cannabis industry already includes professional fields ranging from agriculture to retail to health care to athletics to politics to activism, and seemingly everything in between.

All of this seems to indicate that what was once an underground cannabis culture has now exploded into a vast and diverse industry.

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