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CBD Oil Dominates Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo


CBD Oil Dominates Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo

CBD Oil Dominates CWCBE New York

CBD oil made a huge impact at last week’s Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo. So much so, in fact, that it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to rename the event the CBD Oil Expo. In total, there was more than 100 cannabis related companies at the expo. Those companies represented everyone from growers, producers, and sellers to tech companies, dispensaries, and media outlets. But CBD oil stood out above them all.

Out of the 100 plus companies that showed up for the expo, more than 20 of them were involved in some way in the CBD oil market. This enormous presence could be an indicator of how strong this particular space is becoming.

Along with THC, CBD is one of the most common cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. The fundamental difference between the two is that THC gives users the psychoactive feeling of being high. CBD, on the other hand, is not psychoactive. Instead, CBD is the chemical that gives cannabis many of its health and medical properties.

So far, researchers have found that CBD could be used to treat a vast number of health conditions. Those conditions include things like epilepsy, chronic pain, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, PTSD, and much more.

For many patients, the best part of all is that CBD doesn’t have any adverse side effects. It doesn’t even get you high. For all these reasons, people have been turning more and more to CBD extracts as a way of treating their medical conditions. And one of the most popular extracts among medical cannabis patients is CBD oil.

CBD oil can be ingested or applied topically. And many people swear by the stuff.

Here’s a video of a woman using a topically applied CBD oil to treat her skin cancer:

As medical cannabis becomes legal in more places, and as more CBD oil companies begin cropping up, CBD oil is becoming more widely available.

But because it’s a cannabis extract, there are still some legal issues that can make it hard for patients in certain areas to access it.

Just a few of the dozens of CBD Oil companies that shelled out thousands of dollars to compete with eachother:

Despite these difficulties, CBD oil continues to grow in popularity. And if the CWCBExpo is any indicator, CBD oil is fast becoming one of the hottest spaces in the burgeoning cannabis industry.

That’s good news for patients who rely on CBD oil for their treatment. It’s also good news for those interested in the business side of things. CBD oil looks like it will continue capturing a huge chunk of the cannabis industry. And since the sector as a whole is on pace to top $22 billion by 2020, CBD oil could be a big time business opportunity.

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