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Christians Capitalizing on CBD Are Now Preaching Its Healing Power

Christians Capitalizing on CBD Are Now Preaching Its Healing Power


Christians Capitalizing on CBD Are Now Preaching Its Healing Power

CBD and the Christian faith appear to be forming a closer relationship.

If Jesus Christ can heal the lepers then CBD can certainly help treat your anxiety.

At least, that appears to be the line of thinking within the latest demographic buying into the CBD craze that has taken the country by storm—people of the Christian faith.

Christian companies investing in CBD

According to a report from FOX Business, at least one Christian pastor has given the cannabis component his blessing—so much so that he’s decided to start his own line of CBD-infused products.

Tennessee-based pastor Adam Swanson recently decided to go down the CBD route after he attended prayer, where fellow members began to rave about the healing power of the cannabis-derived substance. Swanson, whose family already owned Swanson Christian Products, a church supply company, already had experience in retail. Thus, Gen1:29, which markets products through the bible verse it’s named after, was born.

“I never did drugs. I’m a pastor, I run a Christian products business. People were like, ‘You’re selling what?’” Swanson told the online business publication.

Other than its religious theme, Gen1:29 products are pretty standard—and largely diversified. Swanson sells a wide variety of tinctures, oils, and gummies, in addition to workout supplements, multivitamins, and CBD for pets.

Kira Ganga Kieffer, a doctoral candidate in religious students at Boston University, opined that utilizing the bible can further help to destigmatize the cannabis plant component. While CBD contains no psychoactive qualities, the fact that it still stems from the cannabis plant can still rub people the wrong way.

“Referring to the Bible or using scriptural verses on product packaging is a savvy marketing technique that serves to legitimize a product that may seem taboo or strange,” Kieffer said to FOX Business.

Swanson, however, believes that marrying CBD to the Christian faith can be reciprocal. Some of his products contain scriptures on the product labels, with the hopes that it can inspire people to attend more religious services.

“Our hope is that maybe somebody would get to read that on the product and go into a church, congregation or synagogue,” Swanson said.

A Burgeoning Relationship

CBD and the Christian faith appear to be forming a closer relationship. According to FOX, God’s Greenery, the sister online publication of CannabisMd, has hopes to be “the leading online resource for Christians to explore cannabidiol (CBD) and its natural benefits for healing.” Another digital publication, even sells CBD products on its site.

Then, of course, there’s an incident that occurred over the summer, where longstanding Christian book company named CBD— which stands for “Christian Book Distributors”—was forced to change its name to simply “Christianbook” to avoid confusion. According to the New York Times, owner Stephen Hendrickson would constantly receive calls about CBD products. Of course, not his products.

“A person may call up and say, ‘Hey, I’m looking for my order,’” Mr. Hendrickson told the Times. “It’s like, ‘What did you order? Oh, I ordered gummies. You don’t have the right company.’”

Still, Hendrickson has managed to embrace the situation, noting just how popular the supplement has become.

“The problem is the other CBD is just so popular at this point in time that it just kind of overwhelms our brand,” Hendrickson said.

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