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Dan Bilzerian Offers Models $1 Million To Represent His Weed Brand

Dan Bilzerian Offers Models $1 Million To Represent His Weed Brand


Dan Bilzerian Offers Models $1 Million To Represent His Weed Brand

Dan Bilzerian wants Ignite to be a world-class cannabis brand, and he’s investing $1 million to find the right models to represent it.

The “King of Instagram” Dan Bilzerian has decided to invest some money into outreach for his cannabis brand Ignite. So he’s launching a $1 million spokesmodel search to promote it. A good place to begin might be the playboy and poker player’s own Instagram feed, replete as it is with women who seem adept at promoting the Bilzerian lifestyle to his tens of millions of followers. But interested candidates should submit their portfolios directly to the Ignite website. According to Bilzerian, they’re already pouring in.

Dan Bilzerian and Ignite Cannabis Co. Want To Pay Their Models $1 Million

Ignite Cannabis Co. is the brainchild of Dan Bilzerian and Matt Morgan. It’s a cannabis company aiming to become a world-renowned brand. But it’s just part of Bilzerian’s larger cannabis portfolio, which includes a strategic partnership with ALQ Gold Corp.

Ignite is based out of Canada and plans to go public by the end of the year. On the company’s website, Bilzerian says the Ignite project will “spare no expense, cut no corners and do whatever needs to be done” to put the company on top. Judging from Bilzerian’s extreme, all-out approach to just about everything, it’s easy to take his word for it.

Bilzerian says he’s approaching the search on the highest level, and he plans to take his time making the right decision. Out of the initial round of submissions, Bilzerian will select a number of semifinalists. They’ll attend an in-person live casting audition either in Las Vegas or Los Angeles. From there, a group of finalists will head to the final round in LA.

Bilzerian says he plans to select 10 winners for the spokesperson role this September. Each winner will receive a $100,000 year-long contract to promote Ignite at dispensaries, conferences and other cannabis-related venues.

Can Ignite Become The “F*cking Coca-Cola of the F*cking Weed Industry?”

Needless to say, Dan Bilzerian has some pretty high ambitions for his cannabis ventures. But can he back his braggadocio? According to Canadian cannabis industry analysts, he might. Making a complex series of moves in the later part of 2017, Bilzerian and his partners converted a basically defunct shell company into a cannabis investment firm called Green Axis Capital.

With that foothold in Canada’s massive cannabis industry, Bilzerian can make moves into any segment he wants. Investments in cultivation, manufacturing, retail—all are within reach. Currently, Green Axis is managing Dan Bilzerian’s Ignite brand, working to get it fully licensed and handle revenue. But Dan, the plan goes, will be the public face of the company.

At the moment, however, Bilzerian’s enterprises haven’t shown up on the radar of Canada’s major cannabis movers. But past controversies have drawn a sideways glance from some financial regulators. In 2015, an investigation into the Bilzerian family uncovered that Dan got his start from millions in trust fund cash from his father, a white-collar fraudster and felon who once owed tens of millions of dollars to the government. Of course, Dan Bilzerian also won lots of money—he says $50 million in a year—playing poker.

None of this is to suggest that Dan is engaging in any shady financial dealings now. In fact, until Ignite, Bilzerian really hasn’t been part of a public company. And he’s obviously very committed to cultivating the right image for it.

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