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Dixie Elixir Releases Limited Edition THC Root Beer To Honor Veterans

Dixie Elixir Releases Limited Edition THC Root Beer And It's The F*cking Bomb


Dixie Elixir Releases Limited Edition THC Root Beer To Honor Veterans

Memorial Day is right around the corner. For most Americans, that means sunny days at the beach or pool. Maybe a long weekend full of barbecues and parties, and definitely a day off from work.  But for cannabis lovers, something extra special is happening this year. And it honors both cannabis and our Vets. (Honoring our Veterans is what Memorial Day is all about, after all!) Cannabis company Dixie Elixir is releasing a delicious new limited edition memorial root beer, or LEBRE, for short. And it’s so much more than just an awesome way to get high.

We spoke to Dixie’s PR man, Joe Hodas, and he gave us an exclusive rundown on how the product was born and what the company hopes to accomplish next.

How Dixie’s Elixir Root Beer is Helping Vets

Dixie Elixir Releases Limited Edition THC Root Beer To Honor Veterans

Dixie Elixir recently partnered with the Veteran’s Sportsman’s Alliance (VSA).  This amazing org works to get injured and disabled Vets out of the house and hospital and back into the natural world. How does this relate to THC root beer, you might ask?

Well, for every THC-infused LEBRE you buy, Dixie Elixir will donate 50¢ to the VSA. Not only is it a reputable non-profit, it’s recommended by Vets who work at Dixie!

“We were able to take an existing product that we felt lent itself well to Memorial Day’s early summer time frame and that also had a sense of nostalgia,” Joe told us. “For simpler times that bring us to our roots as a country. Roots that dictate that we honor those who have served our country.”

Get it? Roots? Root beer? Very clever, Dixie Elixir.

Why This Root Beer is So Important

Joe explained that in the cannabis industry, nothing is simple. The federal status of weed makes it difficult for cannabis non-profits to take contributions. Nonetheless, Dixie Elixir felt strongly about showing their deep respect and gratitude for those who served.

The company has consistently been an active supporter of cannabis research for PTSD. So when they asked Vets for their opinion and the VSA was suggested, it made perfect sense to partner up. And not to worry, the cool camouflage design on the bottle shouldn’t freak you out if you’re not a hunting person.

Hunting is just one of the many things that the VSA has Vets do to enjoy the wilderness. The VSA plans all kinds of great outdoor events and adventures, like fishing trips, kayaking, hiking, and even golf. Check out their website to read some of the inspiring stories about Vets who have benefited from their awesome programs.

This isn’t the first time Dixie Elixir has made products that help the greater good. Last year, they created a limited edition elixir over 420 to raise funds and awareness for the Marijuana Policy Project.

The project is grounded in the idea that while we are free to celebrate 420, “we must be aware of the terrible injustices the preceded this freedom, and the injustices that still exist today…primarily for young men of color,” Joe explained. “In fact, we produced a series of videos titled “Pot and Prejudice” to shine a light on the issue with data and education.”

Go, Dixie!

Will Dixie Elixir THC Root Beer Get You High?

Dixie Elixir Releases Limited Edition THC Root Beer To Honor Veterans

So, Dixie Elixir has a great new product on their hands. But what’s in it, exactly? And just how high will it get you? With 6 MG of THC per serving and 100 MG of THC per bottle, it’s safe to say that this drink is quite potent. Best of all, it contains pure cane sugar and no artificial coloring or flavors!

The exclusive new root beer bottle also has a child-resistant dosing cap, the first of its kind from Dixie. With a marked line at 15 mg, it’s designed to hold in carbonation and help medical cannabis patients find their perfect dose.

As for activation time, Dixie Elixir estimates about 30 minutes before the THC is fully absorbed and begins to take effect in your body. In select markets, the new THC-infused root beer is also available in 200 MG of THC per bottle and 12 MG per serving. Yum! The perfect cannabis drink to start off your summer.

Can we expect another release of this amazing THC root beer next Memorial Day?

“Tell you what,” Joe teased. “If it takes off, and people donate to VSA and support Vets…we will make a custom flavor for next year!”

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