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First Cannabis Resort Opening in Colorado

First Cannabis Resort Colorado


First Cannabis Resort Opening in Colorado

First Cannabis Resort

Marijuana tourism in the U.S. is about to make a big leap forward. That’s because cannabis company The MaryJane Group, Inc. just announced its plans to open the nation’s first cannabis resort in Colorado.

In a press release, the company said that it had signed a Lease and Service Agreement to launch Camp Bud+Breakfast.

The resort will be located in the mountains west of Denver, in the small town of Parshall.

It will be situated on 414 acres of land and will include everything from recreational marijuana to outdoor activities like hiking, fly fishing, and river tubing, to yoga, sports, hot tubs, and cannabis-inspired meals.

“There truly is no place like this in the entire world,” said Joel Schneider, CEO of The MaryJane Group. Schneider will also be the lead operator of the up and coming cannabis resort.

For many involved with the project, Camp Bud+Breakfast will essentially be a summer camp for adults.

“We’re bringing an element of luxury to that adventurous, exploratory vibe of childhood summer camp in a beautiful setting where visitors can enjoy marijuana in a safe, comfortable, social environment,” said Schneider.

First Cannabis Resort Colorado

The resort will not be able to automatically include marijuana in the cost of renting a room in one of its cabins or guest houses.

But it will have a full-time cannabis concierge service that can make recommendations to guests. Visitors to the resort can also buy marijuana from the concierge.

The MaryJane Group said that it has teamed up with a number of dispensaries. These shops will provide cannabis to the resort’s concierge, and will also offer guests private dispensary tours.

Once on the resort, tourists will be able to smoke marijuana pretty much anywhere they want to. This will be an important aspect of the new resort, since Colorado laws still make it difficult for people to smoke marijuana in most hotels and other public places.

But the people designing Camp Bud+Breakfast said they’re building a number of communal spaces where people can smoke. Each room will also come with its own private deck where guests can smoke.

As of now, The MaryJane Group plans to open the cannabis resort later this summer. People can begin making reservations on March 15.

The resort’s first season of operation is scheduled to run from July 1 to September 30, 2016.

(Photo Credit: Bud+Breakfast)

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