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High There Dating App For Cannabis Lovers

Dating App For Cannabis Lovers Adds Limo Hotbox Service - GREEN RUSH DAILY


High There Dating App For Cannabis Lovers

It’s like “Uber” and a dating app for cannabis enthusiasts combined. Or at least that’s the inspiration behind High There’s decision to take their online dating app to the next level.

Enter: “The Hopper.” It’s a 20-person limo-style hotbox that can be summoned on demand by Denver-area marijuanaists looking to smoke in public legally.

The bus isn’t just a vehicle, but a sanctuary to smoke more or less in public.

With a sober and licensed driver behind the wheel of this mobile party bus, folks who enjoy making cannabis a part of their social (and maybe sex) lives can have their marijuana and smoke it, too.

It’s currently illegal to consume marijuana anywhere but the privacy of your home in Colorado, and even on private property, the law stipulates it not is done “openly or publicly.”

The genius of “The Hopper” is that it allows users on High There’s dating app to share their love of herb and enjoy a night out on the town. It sounds like a much better date than an evening spent glued to the couch!

The bus will make stops at local events, dispensaries, nightlife hotspots, and, of course, restaurants.

With “The Hopper,” High There’s idea kills two birds with one stoned. High There’s executives say the Hopper solves two problems frequently encountered in states with legal weed: the lack of legal locations to partake in marijuana, and the risks of driving under the influence.

“The Hopper” hits the road today, so be on the lookout for the stylish hotbox roaming the streets of the Mile-High City. High There have plans to send the party-limo to other states where recreational marijuana is legal in the months ahead.

Since its launch almost nine months ago, High There has “established itself as not only a leader in technology but also as the only responsible social network in the industry,” said Darren Roberts, the company’s co-founder.

“The Hopper combines these two elements of innovative tech, and social responsibility, to create a killer utility that we know cannabis consumers in Denver will gravitate to as a fun and responsible way to meet people and consume,” Roberts told The Verge.

For readers interested in the legal finesse of “The Hopper,” weed cannot be smoked on a public bus, but taxis and limousines are okay. “If the taxi or limousine operator allows for it, marijuana may be consumed in the rear passenger area only,” according to “It is illegal for drivers and front-seat passengers to use marijuana in taxis and limousines in Denver.”

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