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Juice Company Delivers Weed Thanks To Loophole In Medical Pot Law

Juice Company Delivers Weed Thanks To Loophole In Medical Pot Law


Juice Company Delivers Weed Thanks To Loophole In Medical Pot Law

A juice company delivers weed throughout Washington D.C. and gets away with it because of a loophole in the city’s medical marijuana laws.

HighSpeed is a Washington D.C.-based juice delivery company owned by a talented entrepreneur named David Umeh.

And while his business is technically working in the juice industry, the stuff his customers are looking for isn’t in the bottle of juice; it’s in the little green sack that comes along with the drink.

Umeh’s private cannabis delivery company gives people a way to get their hands on some high-grade bud in a legal system that has proven to be a little bit tricky.

Washington D.C. passed Initiative 71 in 2015. The law makes it legal for adults over 21 to have up to two ounces of cannabis.

It also makes it legal to grow up to six plants. People in D.C. can also “transfer” marijuana to another adult as long as there’s no money exchanged.

But the wrench in the system is that the only way you can legally buy weed is if you have a medical marijuana card.

The result of all these laws is that a lot of people who want to smoke recreationally still can’t get cannabis legally. Most people don’t want to grow their bud, and many don’t have a medical card.

And that’s where Umeh’s juice company comes in.

Umeh realized that he could take advantage of the law that lets you “transfer” cannabis to another adult. As long as he didn’t charge people money for bud, he could give it to them as a legal “gift.”

Here’s how Umeh’s scheme works.

A person who wants to buy cannabis but who doesn’t grow her plants and doesn’t have a medical marijuana card can call HighSpeed.

She places an order for a bottle of cold pressed juice. For $55 she can upgrade her drink order to come with a side of “love.” Or for $150 she can order it with “lots of love.”

After the orders placed, a HighSpeed driver shows up with the bottle of juice. But because HighSpeed values its customers who are willing to fork out $55 for a bottle of juice, they also give the customer a little green sack of cannabis.

It’s technically a thank you “gift” from the company to its loyal customers, which means that the transaction is an entirely legal “transfer” of marijuana.

As far as the law in concerned, the only money exchanged was for the juice. The cannabis is just a nice little bonus.

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