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Lagunitas Launches Marijuana Beer

Lagunitas Launches Marijuana Beer


Lagunitas Launches Marijuana Beer

The Heineken-owned craft brewery Lagunitas is launching their own limited line of cannabis-infused beverage. But there’s one problem: their marijuana beer won’t get you high.

Craft brewer Lagunitas has officially launched their own brand of marijuana beer, which hit the shelves earlier last week. But because life is never fair, there’s one little hitch: the cannabis-infused brew won’t get you stoned.

So what’s the deal behind their latest product? Is it a novelty item, or part of a bigger agenda?

Craft Brewer Owned By Heineken Comes Out With Marijuana Beer

Lagunitas Launches Marijuana Beer

Named SuperCritical, the newly-launched beer was created with the help of AbsoluteXtracts, a company based out of Northern California that produces cannabis concentrates.  While the brew contains terpenes, the oils that give cannabis its distinct fragrance, it doesn’t include THC in its ingredients. Meaning: while you might get a whiff of weed from this craft beer, you certainly won’t feel the effects.

In other words: close, but no cigar.

But even though the new Lagunitas line won’t contain THC, it’s only one of two products designed by the Heineken-owned brewery and AbsoluteXtracts. The latter company will also release a slew of new vape cartridges and oils made with Lagunitas hops and their own sun-grown cannabis.

While the partnership between AbsoluteXtracts and Lagunitas is somewhat novel, the idea of marijuana beer isn’t. In 2016, a Colorado-based brewery named Dad and Dudes was given the green light to bottle and sell their own CBD-infused IPA called General Washington’s Secret Stash.

Even celebrities are cashing in on the idea: infamous rapper and weed smoker Wiz Khalifa announced the same year his plans to launch a marijuana beer as part of his Khalifa Kush brand.

Final Hit: Lagunitas Marijuana Beer

SuperCritical is currently available in California for a limited sale period.  Right now, you can find it in local bars and retailers in most major hubs in the state. (Lagunitas has a complete list of locations if you want to give it a whirl here.)

So what’s the point of making marijuana without THC? Considering that beer stocks are falling partially due to the fact that millennials prefer weed over hops, it might not be the worst way for Lagunitas—and Heineken—to boost sales for their upcoming fiscal year.

So what if you live outside of the Golden State and want to give it a try anyway? Unfortunately, you might not have a chance to try Lagunitas’ latest. As of now, no other release dates have been set, even in states where cannabis has been legalized. As far as we know, there’s no telling whether this is a one-time event or merely a test run. Better luck next time?

Get the skinny on SuperCritical and watch the video posted below, courtesy of Heineken.

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