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Martha Stewart is Entering the Cannabis Industry

Martha Stewart and Major Cannabis Brand Team up to Make CBD for Pets


Martha Stewart is Entering the Cannabis Industry

This wouldn’t be her first connection to the world of weed.

It’s becoming more and more common for big-name celebrities to make moves into the legal cannabis industry. Most recently, Martha Stewart and cannabis company Canopy Growth announced a new partnership. Together, Stewart and Canopy plan to develop a line of CBD products, beginning with products designed for pets.

Martha Stewart Joins Canopy Growth

Canopy Growth is one of the largest legal cannabis businesses in the world. And they are apparently looking to elevate and expand their CBD product offerings.

To that end, the company is partnering with Martha Stewart. Specifically, Stewart has come on board as one of Canopy’s advisors. In this role, she will reportedly help the company develop a number of new products.

For now, it appears as if Stewart will focus primarily on CBD products, rather than anything with THC.

“I am delighted to establish this partnership with Canopy Growth and share with them the knowledge I have gained after years of experience in the subject of living,” Stewart said in a statement, according to USA Today.

She added: “I’m especially looking forward to our first collaboration together, which will offer sensible products for people’s beloved pets.”

The pet market appears to be a growing sector within the larger cannabis industry. More and more, companies are developing CBD pet products.

To date, there is not a lot of research into the topic of cannabis and pets. But so far, it seems clear that CBD has potential to be beneficial to small animals. However, THC poses a risk to animals, especially in large doses.

This partnership is the Canopy Growth’s newest development in what has already been an impressive year. As reported by USA Today, the company’s stock has seen solid growth in 2019, starting the year at just under $29 per share and rising to $47 as of this morning.

Canopy is already recognized as one of the largest cannabis companies in the world. Key benchmarks for the company include becoming the first publicly traded, federally regulated cannabis company in North America. Additionally, in 2018, it became the first cannabis company to begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

Martha Stewart is No Stranger to Cannabis

While this may be the first time that Martha Stewart is formally involved with the legal cannabis industry, it’s not the first time she’s been connected to weed.

In fact, she and world-famous weed connoisseur Snoop Dogg launched a TV show together in 2016. The primary point of the show was to have the two celebs cook together.

Not surprisingly, the show was full of weed-themed innuendoes. For example, the first episode featured guest celebrities Wiz Khalifa and Seth Rogen. Both well-known fans of the sticky icky.

Throughout the show, there were several references and hints that the dishes being cooked by Martha Stewart and Snoop were infused with cannabis.

However, it was unclear if that was really the case. But either way, the show relied on weed culture and references to weed for much of its popular appeal. And Martha Stewart was right in the middle of it all.

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