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Mike Tyson Forms Partnership With Cannabis Farm

Mike Tyson Forms Partnership With Cannabis Farm


Mike Tyson Forms Partnership With Cannabis Farm

Mike Tyson Forms Partnership With Cannabis Farm

Mike Tyson’s marijuana business is set to expand.

With the legal cannabis industry continuing to thrive, it’s no surprise to see several prominent celebrities get in on the ‘Green Rush.’ Former Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson, who’s been involved in several different industries since his retirement from boxing, has recently taken interest in the legal marijuana industry. In addition to his company, Tyson Holistic, the ex-boxer has also begun the process of opening up his own 40-acre one-stop cannabis amusement park/dispensary, Tyson Ranch. This week, Tyson Holistic is set to expand to even greater heights, as Mike Tyson forms a partnership with cannabis farm, Almost Heaven Agriculture.

A ‘Blossoming’ Partnership

On Monday, company officials announced the partnership between Tyson Holistic and the West Virginia-based Almost Heaven Agriculture, the greenhouse that is expected to be the primary provider of Tyson’s marijuana products.

According to Kevin Bell, the chief operations officer for Tyson Holistic, the company is specifically interested in West Virginia’s burgeoning medicinal hemp industry.

“We’ve looked at lots of reclamation land and we are going to do that, it’s just that they only give licenses twice a year, so we found an existing license holder to do a joint venture,” Bell said, per the Charleston Gazette-Mail.

In addition to growing cannabidiol hemp, the company is also interested in a variety of other holistic crops, including lavender and soy.

During a Monday morning presentation in Charleston, Tyson Holistic’s founder and CEO Rob Hickman expressed the company’s initiative to become a viable source of alternative medication.

“Listen, turn the faucet on, let’s help people, let’s grow stuff that can help people,” Hickman said. “Forget the big pharma, forget all the nonsense and let’s try to help stimulate the economy a little bit. We can start here and it can keep growing.”

The newly-christened partnership gives Tyson’s company a second grow location. The aforementioned 40-acre plot of land, Tyson Ranch, is located in California. The facility, which is geared towards California’s brand new recreational cannabis market, will also further study the effects of medical marijuana.

Tyson’s interest in medicinal marijuana was a driving factor in the agreement between Tyson Holistic and Almost Heaven Agriculture.

The farm’s owners, Mike Manypenny and Bill Flanagan, says the company currently operates a one-acre greenhouse but plans to expand under the pretenses of their new deal with Tyson Holistics.

Mike Tyson Forms Partnership With Cannabis Farm

The medicinal hemp industry holds a totally untapped market, which makes it unsurprising that Tyson has elected to pursue such an endeavor. According to the Gazette-Mail, medicinal cannabis goes for around $50 to $100 per pound compared to the $5 to $10 a pound rate for standard industrial hemp.

Despite the lucrative business opportunity, Bell is adamant about Tyson’s genuine interest in harnessing the power of medicinal cannabis. Tyson’s infatuation with medical marijuana stems from his own addictions with opioid painkillers, which he endured during his lengthy and controversial boxing career.

“Mike believes in this product, this isn’t just some whim to make money,” Bell said. “Mike wants to change the world.”

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