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Nevada Cannabis Fight Club Aims To Educate Budtenders

Nevada Cannabis Club Aims Educate Budtenders


Nevada Cannabis Fight Club Aims To Educate Budtenders

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Nevada Cannabis Fight Club Aims To Educate Budtenders

Here’s one Fight Club you can talk about. This program will teach you the nitty-gritty of cannabis and connect you with employers.

Budtender Fight Club will leave you feeling like Tyler Durden in the ring—at least when it comes to marijuana. This Nevada-based cannabis company will teach you about the specifics of cultivating, processing, testing and selling marijuana. Additionally, they will hook you up with employers, advocates and free products. It’s like Fight Club in that founder Jason Sturtsman fosters community, minus all the broken bones.

Budtender Fight Club Isn’t Just for Budtenders

This educational program hosts monthly classes taught by cannabis industry professionals. Their presentations lean towards the scientific and subjects can range from terpene lab testing to the nitty-gritty of potent CBD.

With a background in dispensaries, advocacy and psychology, Jason Sturtsman set out to teach everyone about marijuana. “I saw a severe lack of education for the budtenders,” he explained. “I wanted to make sure our budtenders were top notch, that they had the most cutting-edge information, the best information, and that they are able to do that on top of having to provide fantastic customer service.”

Some of the programs that Sturtsman attended provided outdated information. “If you went through with some of these old recommendations, which are like two, three-year-old, because things move so quickly in the cannabis industry, you were doing a huge disservice to your patients,” he added.

Today, each session includes three classes and a networking event in between. Thanks to a variety of marijuana industry sponsors, Sturtsman is also able to give out a lot of free products. “I probably gave out about $1,600 worth of paraphernalia,” Sturtsman said of their last event.

It’s a Marijuana Community, Not Just a Class

Education is only one of their objectives. The others are making job opportunities more accessible and fostering a community. One of the ways it does this is through price. While other marijuana programs can range in the hundreds of dollars, Budtender Fight Club starts off at $25. For this price, you get classes, food and drinks, dispensary discounts, and access to vendors and dispensaries, some of whom are hiring.

“It’s called Budtender Fight Club because it’s a club,” said Sturtsman. “If you came to any Budtender Fight Clubs, you’d find that, if you ask the people there, about 40-50 percent of the people are returns.”

Like the movie, Sturtsman explains, “everybody knows who’s a member of the fight club.”

Pursuing a Career In Marijuana

Many are looking to get involved in the cannabis industry, but reasonably-priced networking events and classes can be difficult to find. Sturtsman sees Budtender Fight Club as an opportunity to help newbies and industry members pursue their passion for marijuana.

“If you hate your job now, and you love cannabis, come join us at Budtender Fight Club because we’re your friends, we’re here to help you get that job.”

They hold monthly events in Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada, and are opening a Southern California location this month. The next event is on June 24th in Nevada.

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