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Cannabis Industry Leaders Attend Orlando Marijuana Expo



Cannabis Industry Leaders Attend Orlando Marijuana Expo

More cannabis investors, doctors and entrepreneurs than ever attended Florida’s biggest marijuana expo last weekend.

The Orlando Marijuana Expo is the biggest cannabis trade show in Florida. This year’s expo included more than 40 businesses, dozens of speakers and unlimited opportunities for cannabis entrepreneurs, investors and enthusiasts.  Last weekend, the push to legalize recreational weed in Florida was more palpable than ever.

Florida’s Emerging Weed Market

Florida only recently legalized smokeable medical cannabis after a lawsuit this spring. Despite this, the third most populous state could become one of the nation’s largest cannabis markets. This is because Florida, the retirement capital of America, is the oldest state in the country. And seniors are the fastest growing cannabis demographic due to weed’s ability to assuage aches and pains.

27 million residents and almost 20 percent over the age of 65 (according to World Atlas), naturally means big business for cannabis entrepreneurs. Just ask MedMen. The dispensary recently acquired one of Florida’s thirteen cultivation licenses and, as a result, the right to open 25 dispensaries.

Though Florida can be a conservative stronghold, cannabis advocates are working hard to legalize weed. John Morgan, an attorney based in Orlando, petition for the legalization of medical cannabis. More recently, he fought to legalize smokeable marijuana. Above all, the cannabis advocate and others are working to get recreational weed on the ballot.

The State’s Largest Marijuana Expo

The Orlando Marijuana Expo, held at the University of Central Florida and hosted by the Florida Cannabis Coalition, was the largest of its kind in the state. All day on Saturday, July 14, investors, entrepreneurs and the canna-curious connected to discuss business and normalization in the nation’s fastest-growing industry.

Scheril Murray Powell, a Florida-based cannabis agriculture lawyer has participated in Florida cannabis expos for years.  “I would say one, the diversity in attendees has changed. More people of color, more involvement from the veteran community,” Murray Powell told Green Rush Daily. “I think, as far as the content, it has become more sophisticated and varied. People got tired of hearing Cannabis 101 over and over again,” she added.

This year, the marijuana expo hosted 30 speakers and had over 40 exhibitors. In addition to seeing a rise in investor participation, the Orlando cannabis expo also hosted more physicians. Not only did the conference have panels dedicated to medical discussions and veteran involvement, but some physicians also offered on-site medical cannabis recommendations.

The conference was free for medical cannabis cardholders and veterans.

The Legal Weed Is Booming In Florida and Nationwide

Need more proof that legal weed is a huge industry? Cannabis conferences like Orlando’s continue to grow and diversify, bringing people better information about cannabis and better business connections.

And with Canadian legalization this year, cannabis business is booming south of the border, too. One of the biggest distinctions at this year’s conference was the increased presence of Canadian investors. As Canadian weed giants become bigger and more profitable, weed entrepreneurs are looking for opportunities around the world, everywhere from Germany to Florida.

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