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Dry Leaf Marijuana Expected To Raise Pennsylvania Sales 400 Percent

Dry Leaf Marijuana Expected To Raise Pennsylvania Sales 400 Percent


Dry Leaf Marijuana Expected To Raise Pennsylvania Sales 400 Percent

The addition of dry leaf marijuana products to Pennsylvania dispensaries is expected to drastically increase sales over the next couple of years.

Pennsylvania has seen some big changes to its cannabis laws over the past couple of years. And those changes continue to unfold. In particular, the most recent change allows medical marijuana patients to begin buying and consuming actual bud.

Not surprisingly, experts are already predicting that this change will be a popular one. In fact, analysts are predicting that the introduction of cannabis flower into the state’s medical marijuana program will quadruple sales by 2020.

Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Program Is About To Blow Up

As of August 1st, cannabis flower has been available in Pennsylvania medical marijuana dispensaries. This is the state’s newest change to the medical marijuana program. And it’s expected to produce some huge results.

According to local news sources, experts predict that the sale of cannabis flower will quadruple revenues from the state’s medical marijuana market. The analysis these sources cite said that the state should be worth an estimated $240 million.

This prediction does not come as a big surprise for those familiar with cannabis retail trends. Past surveys and studies have found that cannabis flower is consistently the product of choice among those purchasing legal marijuana and marijuana products.

As it turns out, cannabis flower isn’t just more popular. It also tends to be cheaper than other types of cannabis products. This is especially true when it comes to comparing flower to cannabis concentrates.

The combination of flower’s perennial popularity and the relative affordability leads many experts to predict that bud will continue to be the most popular form of legal weed.

That is an important trend, especially as the expanding legal cannabis industry continues innovating new products. Most notably, concentrates like dabs and THC cartridges have been growing in popularity.

But if historical trends hold up, flower should still reign supreme. And according to new projections, this will likely be the case in Pennsylvania, too.

Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s cannabis history has been in flux since 2016. That year, the state legalized medical marijuana. The state’s decision to legalize medical marijuana made it the 24th state in the U.S. to do so.

Although medical marijuana was approved in 2016, it took a little while longer to actually go into operation. In 2017, state regulators issued the first round of retail licenses. In particular, they approved 27 applicants to open and run medical marijuana dispensaries. Also during the fall of 2017, the state approved the first cannabis growing facility.

It wasn’t until January of this year that dispensaries in the state finally opened up for business. However, under the initial set of rules, dispensaries could only sell cannabis oil to medical marijuana patients.

All of that changed this summer when lawmakers opened the door to cannabis flower. As of the beginning of August, the state now allows the for the sale and consumption of cannabis flower and dry leaf. Now it’s time to see if patients respond as enthusiastically as experts predict they will.

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