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Scumbag Tries to Con Local Weed Smokers in Florida

Scumbag Tries to Con Local Weed Smokers in Florida


Scumbag Tries to Con Local Weed Smokers in Florida

What kind of deplorable human being lives to con innocent stoners for a living? Well, the true identity of this irrational villain remains to be seen, but his actions still provide a cautionary tale: don’t trust random people who say they have legal weed.

While this might sound like common sense to most people, this apparently wasn’t the case in Palm Beach, Florida, where one person is doing exactly that. And as of now, he’s getting away with it too!

The Rundown

Scumbag Tries to Con Local Weed Smokers in Florida

So basically, there are a bunch of signs popping up all around the Palm Coast saying “Legal weed. Office visit $199.” The sign also provides a number to call in order to receive a “license” for medical cannabis. But here’s the thing: you don’t need a license for medicinal weed. You need a doctor’s prescription. That’s it.

The scam apparently asks for your drivers’ license and credit card number, which obviously also puts unsuspecting patrons at risk for identity theft in addition to the $199 charge to their card.

“Don’t be taken in with the hope of getting medical marijuana. said Sheriff Staly of the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office.”The only thing you will get is the loss of your money; this is truly “smoke and mirrors,”

This is perhaps the first time in its legality that medicinal cannabis has been used at the forefront of a scam. Although, it’s tough to say this is a very clever one. Just look at that sign. Literally looks like a fourth grader designed it. But hey, people will fall for anything these days.

Despite its juvenile nature, this doesn’t make the act any less scummy. Perhaps most of the people who were victims of the con were of the elderly sort, just looking to score some weed for their glaucoma.

Anyways, people of Florida, just be on the lookout. There’s a freaking sociopath on the loose. Just come clean already, Jeff Sessions.  We all know it’s you.

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