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‘Uncle Spliffy’ is the Pot-Selling Alias of Ex-NBAer Clifford Robinson

'Uncle Spliffy' is the Pot-Selling Alias of Ex-NBAer Clifford Robinson - GREEN RUSH DAILY


‘Uncle Spliffy’ is the Pot-Selling Alias of Ex-NBAer Clifford Robinson

Clifford Robinson has always been elevated.

As an NBA center who averaged 14.2 points per game and 4.6 rebounds per game over the span of an 18 year career, his hoops game was consistently above the rim.

Now that he’s retired, he’s finding new ways to keep his game elevated.

Reports coming out of Oregon say that the former Portland Trailblazers star—fondly known to Blazers fans as Uncle Cliffy—is now entering the cannabis game under the name Uncle Spliffy.

Robinson has apparently announced his intentions to work together with a group of business partners to open a cannabis grow operation in Oregon.

Before that happens, though, he’ll be a high profile speaker at the 2016 Cannabis Collaborative Conference, which is scheduled to take place February 3 and 4 at the Portland Expo Center.

“I think I’ve always been an advocate for cannabis,” Robinson explained.

Robinson has already established himself as a vocal advocate for the use of medical marijuana, especially among athletes.

'Uncle Spliffy' is the Pot-Selling Alias of Ex-NBAer Clifford Robinson

Really, the important thing to note here is that the name of the Robinson’s weed store will be “Uncle Spliffy” and the homepage currently looks like this.

“Cannabis is definitely a more positive alternative to pharmaceuticals at the end of the day,” he told reporters.

“Those are synthetics. I’m talking about something that’s natural that can bring the outcomes you’re looking for, be it for muscle tension or relaxation or preparedness.”

“There are a whole lot of different things that are beneficial.”

Robinson’s suggestion that athletes explore the potential of medical marijuana is timely, as multiple athletes have come under fire in recent months for using marijuana.

Robinson’s pro-pot work has placed him in the company of other former athletes who are equally concerned by the lack of treatments available to players, and who see marijuana as an important alternative to prescription drugs.

Earlier this winter, a group of former NFL players called for the football league to remove marijuana from its list of banned substances.

For people like Robinson, marijuana offers an important alternative to pharmaceuticals, which many have said can be dangerously addictive.

“When you talk about guys playing on a professional level, there’s a lot of physical and mental stress that comes with that,” Robinson said. “And to have something available to you that has health benefits, I don’t see the issue with it myself.”

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