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8 United States Cannabis Stocks Publicly Trading

Investing In Marijuana Stocks? Investing In Cannabis Stocks? Here Are 3 Things You Need To Know
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8 United States Cannabis Stocks Publicly Trading

Take a look at some of the highest trading cannabis stocks in the United States.

Cannabis-related stocks are in an interesting position. In Canada, activity is ramping up as the country moves toward full legalization. And that includes cannabis companies based in the U.S.A., many of which are opting to go public on Canadian exchanges first. Despite this, there is also significant activity when it comes to United States cannabis stocks. A handful of huge Canadian marijuana companies are now trading on U.S. exchanges. And there are also a number of U.S.-based companies trading here, too. Here are the best United States cannabis stocks to take a look at.

CV Sciences (OTC: CVSI)

8 United States Cannabis Stocks To Invest In

Photo Courtesy of CV Sciences

CV Sciences is a CBD company based in Las Vegas. The company focuses on developing and selling a broad range of CBD products. Their products use both synthetic CBD and plant-based CBD products.

CV Sciences currently has a market cap of around $230 million. Recently, it’s been a very active stock. In fact, it is currently one of the biggest gainers, according to The Marijuana Index.

General Cannabis Corp. (OTC: CANN)

8 United States Cannabis Stocks To Invest In

Photo Courtesy of General Cannabis

General Cannabis Corp. is an interesting company on this list. It doesn’t deal directly with cannabis plants or cannabis products. Instead, it provides a wide range of services to other cannabis companies.

This includes real estate, consulting services, business development work, and more. Based in Denver, Colorado with a market cap of $127 million, this could be a strong choice for anyone interested in United States cannabis stocks.

Cronos Group (NASDAQ: CRON)

11 Canadian Cannabis Stocks To Invest In

Photo Courtesy of Cronos Group

The Cronos Group is actually a Canadian company. But it has already played a huge role in the history of cannabis business in the U.S. That’s because it was the first cannabis company to trade on the NASDAQ. It made its NASDAQ debut this past February.

Beyond its historical significance, Cronos is a strong stock. The company currently has a market cap just above $1 billion. If you’re looking for a relatively well-established and secure investment, check out Cronos.


11 Canadian Cannabis Stocks To Invest In

Photo Courtesy of Aphria

Aphria is another company based in Canada but trading in the U.S. The company is sitting on a market cap above $2.5 billion. It is one of Canada’s most successful cannabis companies.

Aphria makes a range of marijuana products. From the sounds of things, it’s been eyeing the international market recently. In particular, reports in June indicated that it was making a bid to become a distributor in Greece’s recently expanded medical marijuana program.

Terra Tech Corp. (OTC: TRTC)

8 United States Cannabis Stocks To Invest In

Photo Courtesy of Terra Tech

Terra Tech focuses on growing and selling medical marijuana in a number of U.S. markets. It also sells hydroponic equipment for other agricultural uses. It currently has marijuana operations in Nevada and California.

Traded over-the-counter (OTC), Terra Tech has a market cap of nearly $150 million. Look for this stock to be a consistently solid performer.

Kush Bottles (OTC: KSHB)

8 United States Cannabis Stocks To Invest In

Kush Bottles has been attracting a lot of attention lately. It is one of the strongest performing U.S. cannabis stocks. A lot of that has to do with how well the company is positioned. As a key provider of packaging for marijuana companies, Kush Bottles doesn’t face the same legal and financial challenges that companies dealing with actual marijuana must face.

This has helped the company grow quickly. Now, it has a market cap of $335 million and has shown strong numbers. It recently reported revenues above $10 million in the second quarter of 2018.

Aurora Cannabis (OTC: ACBFF)

11 Canadian Cannabis Stocks To Invest In

Photo Courtesy of Aurora

Aurora is a marijuana powerhouse. Based in Canada, the company trades in the U.S. on the OTC market. After acquiring MedReleaf, another huge marijuana company, Aurora solidified its position as one of North America’s largest cannabis companies.

With a market cap of $4 billion, it’s hard to top Aurora. Along with MedReleaf, they’ve made a number of other profitable acquisitions. At the same time, they’re constantly expanding their reach throughout the international market.

Canopy Growth Corp. (NYSE: CGC)

11 Canadian Cannabis Stocks To Invest In

Photo Courtesy Of Canopy Growth

At the moment, Canopy is widely accepted as the king of cannabis stocks. That’s largely because it made headlines when it became the first cannabis company traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Beyond that, the company has a market cap just below $6 billion. Given its flurry of activity and publicity, this stock is likely to continue performing well in the immediate future. Simply put, Canopy is one of the top players in the North American cannabis industry. And now that it trades on the NYSE, American investors have easy to access to its stock.

8 United States Cannabis Stocks To Invest In

While Canada is racing toward national legalization, marijuana laws in the U.S. remain messy. A growing number of states are becoming friendly to cannabis. But the federal government is not moving in the direction of legalization.

Despite this, things are slowly changing and developing in the U.S. With a number of big Canadian companies listing on exchanges in the U.S., and a growing cohort of U.S.-based companies venturing into the stock market, it’s easier than ever to buy and trade United States cannabis stocks.

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