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Whoopi and Maya, Cure Your Period Cramps and Pains With Weed

Whoopi and Maya


Whoopi and Maya, Cure Your Period Cramps and Pains With Weed

There’s a new line of all-natural products called Whoopi and Maya, designed to help you cure your PMS and help you feel better when you’re on your period, and it involves cannabis, and Whoopi Goldberg intrigued?

Whoopi Goldberg—a self-professed pot smoker—has this to say about the project.

“I have a daughter and two granddaughters who inherited my horrific menstrual cramps,” says Whoopi Goldberg, who’s 60 years old.

“Being a pot smoker for years, I talked to a lot of men in the marijuana business about developing something for period relief, and they always came back with ‘That’s too niche a market.'”

It’s like, half of the planet is not a niche market!” Whoopi Goldberg continues. “Most guys don’t have any idea what a period is or how it works.”

So Goldberg teamed up with Maya Elisabeth, the founder of an all-female grow collective and infused pot company called Om Edibles.

Their new medical cannabis line, aptly called Whoopi & Maya, consists of four products:

Whoopi and Maya

1. a rub for localized pain that’s small enough to fit in your purse,
2. a nighttime tincture,
3. an edible in the form of cocoa,
4. and a relaxing bath soak.

“This is a great introductory line to first-time cannabis users because two of the items are topical creams, which don’t get you high,” says Elizabeth. She prides herself and her growers on having a well-balanced and chemical-free strain of cannabis for her products.

In addition to cannabis, their pain relief formula includes anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic herbs. Those herbs include white willow, which is what aspirin is derived from. Red raspberry, which is a uterine toner.

Finally, they also include a shrub whose fruit and leaves are used in laxatives called, fittingly enough, “cramp bark.” Cramp bark, says Elisabeth, is an ancient medicine that has helped women treat menstrual cramps for thousands of years. (Queen Victoria, by the way, supposedly used a marijuana tincture to relieve menstrual cramps, so it has the seal of approval from the British royalty.)

“So many women lose time at work because of cramps,” adds Goldberg. “Our topical rub is not going to get you high, but it will take your pain level from a 50 down to at least a 20. And, you can pronounce everything that’s in it.”

And like the truly modern feminists they are, the team at Whoopi & Maya went that one extra step and made sure that every pain relief herb and oil doubled as an aphrodisiac.

Resident herbalist, Alexis Gandara explains how the Om Edibles products don’t smell like weed at all but are instead woodsy, sweet, and sexy.

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