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10 Best Weed Strains For Epilepsy

Best Weed Strains For Epilepsy


10 Best Weed Strains For Epilepsy

Cannabis can be an excellent way to treat the various symptoms of epilepsy. Here are the best weed strains for epilepsy.

One of most astonishing breakthroughs in medical cannabis is the knowledge that weed can protect against and in some cases reverse nerve damage. Since cannabis is what doctors call a “neuroprotectant,” it’s potent medicine for anyone who suffers from seizures. But what are the best weed strains for epilepsy?

Researchers continue to study the use of cannabis as a treatment for epilepsy. However, many patients have already found relief using cannabis to treat their symptoms. For people with epilepsy, medical cannabis can reduce both the frequency and the intensity of their seizures.

The Best Weed Strains For Epilepsy Are High In CBD

Even though federal prohibition has slowed cannabis research, studies into one of the active chemicals of the plant, cannabidiol or CBD, have been able to move a bit more quickly. That’s because CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it won’t get you high.

Nevertheless, CBD is perhaps the most important compound impacting the medical benefits of weed. One of the most important CBD studies every published was a path-breaking study into the efficacy of using CBD as a treatment for epilepsy.

In 2012, researchers with the British Epilepsy Association published a paper that found that “CBD significantly decreased the percentage of animals experiencing the most severe tonic-clonic seizures.” That result gave credibility to the claim that CBD possesses anticonvulsant and anti-seizure capabilities. Thus, they concluded that their “evidence strongly supports CBD as a therapeutic candidate for a diverse range of human epilepsies.”

10. Purple Urkle (Indica)

Best Weed Strains For Epilepsy

It turns out, one of the most popular California indicas is also one of the best weed strains for epilepsy. Like its legendary cousin Grandaddy Purple, Purple Urkle has a high CBD content for a pure indica. Unlike GDP, however, Purple Urkle dials back the THC. It’s a powerful strain for curing nerve pain and fighting seizures.


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