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10 Best Weed Strains For Glaucoma

Best Weed Strains For Glaucoma


10 Best Weed Strains For Glaucoma

Glaucoma is one of the conditions most regularly treated with medical cannabis. Here are the best weed strains for glaucoma.

Determining the best weed strains for glaucoma, an eye condition, requires thinking about the people who are most affected by the disease. Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness for people over 60 years of age.

And seniors can be particularly sensitive to the psychoactive effects of THC. So while research shows that THC is the most important compound for treating it, the best weed strains for glaucoma are those that won’t cause other problems for senior patients.

The Best Weed Strains for Glaucoma: Low To Moderate THC

This is important information. It means two things for choosing the best weed strains for glaucoma. First, treating glaucoma with cannabis would require smoking anywhere from six to eight times a day. Using edibles could help with this since patients stay higher much longer from eating edibles.

Second, if a senior is going to smoke weed many times a day as a natural glaucoma treatment, strains with lower potency are ideal. Some doctors worry that senior patients have a higher risk of falling, feeling dizzy, or other coordination problems. And since folks over 60 often have heart issues, increasing one’s heart rate due to THC consumption is a concern.

Therefore, the best weed strains for glaucoma should be high-functioning daytime strains with low to moderate THC content. It’s no surprise, then, that this list is filled with uplifting sativas that offer gentle, focusing cerebral effects.

10. Chernobyl (Hybrid)

Best Weed Strains For Glaucoma

Chernobyl’s balanced effects make it a perfect daytime strain for folks looking to treat glaucoma. The strain is descended from a number of popular medical strains, including Trainwreck and Jack the Ripper. One of the more floaty of the mind-stimulating strains, Chernobyl’s effects come on gentle and stick around.

9. Maui Wowie (Sativa)

Best Weed Strains For Glaucoma

Hailing from the shores of Hawaii, Maui Wowie is a high-energy, medium-THC sativa strain with feather-light cerebral effects. Perfect for relaxing days and evenings and a great strain for smoking multiple times throughout the day.

8. Permafrost (Hybrid)

Best Weed Strains For Glaucoma


This sativa-dominant gets its name from the shimmering coat of white trichomes that cover the fresh buds of this strain. Interestingly, Permafrost also has a Trainwreck parent, like Chernobyl, which gives it the perfect uplifting high that makes sativas so popular. Permafrost is known for its attention-focusing effects, making it great for functional daytime smoking.

7. Euphoria (Sativa)

Best Weed Strains For Glaucoma

Euphoria, or Euforia, is one of the gentlest varieties on this list of the best weed strains for glaucoma. An award-winning strain for its upbeat, social effects, Euphoria weighs in at just nine percent THC. A great mild strain for senior glaucoma patients, the high does come with an energizing kick that may take some getting used to.

6. Fast Eddy (Hybrid)

Best Weed Strains For Glaucoma

Fast Eddy offers a balanced 1 to 1 CBD:THC ratio, making it a highly functional CBD-rich strain. Notably, its bright flavors and uplift make it a gentle mood enhancer, along with temporary relief of pressure in the eye. CBD is a known neuroprotectant and could help heal damaged optic nerve cells.

5. Plushberry (Indica)

Best Weed Strains For Glaucoma


Plushberry is one of those rare indica strains well-suited for frequent, low-level daily use. The strikingly clear-headed high nevertheless has an emphasis on the body, as you might expect from an indica. It’s a great strain for relieving eye pressure without much intoxication.

4. XJ-13 (Hybrid)

Best Weed Strains For Glaucoma

This sativa-dominant hybrid is known for its pungent mix of citrus and tropical fruit flavors. It’s a favorite among recreational users for its ability to fight stress and anxiety. Glaucoma patients will enjoy XJ-13’s energizing qualities. Its 13 to 15 percent THC content falls right in the sweet spot for reducing pressure in the eye without too much overhead.

3. Chocolope (Sativa)

Best Weed Strains For Glaucoma

A favorite for cannabis smokers who wish to stay active and motivated. As a true sativa, Chocolope’s high is exclusively cerebral. Glaucoma patients should try Chocolope as a morning strain; it’s the perfect way to dose at the start of the day.

2. Jillybean (Hybrid)

Best Weed Strains For Glaucoma


Jillybean is another excellent therapeutic strain for glaucoma patients looking for a light-weight euphoria during daytime hours. In the first place, this strain is loved for its prismatic, candy-like flavors and rich coloring. But medical patients enjoy its lower-intensity effects and relaxing cerebral stimulation. Besides that, the medium THC content also makes this one of the best weed strains for glaucoma.

1. Harlequin (Sativa)

Best Weed Strains For Glaucoma

Harlequin tops this list of the best weed strains for glaucoma thanks to its consistently high CBD expression. However, unlike many other high-CBD strains, Harlequin maintains a sizeable THC content. Harlequin’s CBD content helps to counteract the potentially anxiety-inducing effects of THC.

Harlequin’s relaxing, soothing effects make it an ideal wind-down strain for glaucoma patients. Furthermore, smoking Harlequin before bed can allow the strain’s THC to keep intraocular pressure down during the night, while the CBD helps lull patients to sleep by dialing down the energetic effects of THC.

Final Hit: Best Weed Strains For Glaucoma

Glaucoma is an eye condition that, if left untreated, can damage the optic nerve and lead to blindness. It happens when fluids build up in the front part of the eye. Due to the extra fluid, pressure increases in the eye. Ultimately, this pressure, called IOP or intraocular pressure, damages the optic nerve. Early treatment, however, can prevent vision loss from glaucoma.

So what about cannabis? Studies do show that smoking cannabis reduces pressure in the eye. More specifically, the active compound THC lowers intraocular pressure. Reducing pressure to normal levels takes the strain off the optic nerve.

But there’s a catch. Smoking weed only lowers pressure in the eye for a short period of time. Studies found that smoking cannabis reduced pressure for about three to four hours. After that, pressure levels would begin returning to normal.

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