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Blueberry Strain Review And Information

Blueberry Strain Review And Information


Blueberry Strain Review And Information

Blueberry strain was created by grower and breeder DJ Short back in the 1970s. He crossbred an Afghani Indica with a Sativa and Purple Thai strain.

Blueberry Strain

Blueberry is one of the most reliable, all-around cannabis strains you’ll find anywhere in the world. Ranking high in looks, scent, taste, and effects, this strain has been a go-to favorite for smokers ever since it first hit the cannabis scene back in the ’70s.


Blueberry is an Indica dominant hybrid. And when you stack it up against other Indica strains, it usually comes in as one of the most potent members of the family. While most Indica strains have 12.5% THC, Blueberry buds come in somewhere between 14.8% THC and 18.5% THC.


Blueberry is known for its well-balanced effects. The biggest thing you’ll notice after puffing on some is a distinct body buzz. You’ll feel relaxed, sedated, and mellow. From there, the body high will be balanced out by a beautiful and smooth head high that will give you sensations of happiness and a slight sense of euphoria.

Scent & Flavor

This strain got its name primarily for its scent and taste. Most users describe this strain as having a very fruity smell. It most often reminds people of blueberries or some other type of sweet berry. That same fruity profile is carried over into the smoke, which can sometimes also carry undertones of citrus to complement the blueberry taste.

Blueberry Strain Review And Information

Negative Effects

Some users may experience paranoia, dizziness, or headaches after consuming Blueberry. And of course, you should bank on getting cotton mouth and possibly some dry, red eyes as well.

Used For

Since this one’s an Indica dominant, it’s probably best used in the evening, at night, or on days when you don’t have anything too serious going on. That way if you find yourself happily slipping off into a drowsy state of couch lock you can just enjoy the ride. Blueberry can also be a good choice for super mellow social settings. Just be sure you’re ready to seriously take it easy while you and your friends lazily enjoy the effects of this strain.

When it comes to medical uses, many patients rely on Blueberry to treat stress, aches and pains, and sleeping problems. Some patients have also had success using it to help with mood disorders and depression.


Blueberry was created by grower and breeder DJ Short back in the 1970s. He created Blueberry when he crossbred an Afghani Indica with a Sativa Thai strain and a Purple Thai strain.


You can grow Blueberry cannabis fairly well both indoors and outdoors. If you’re going the indoor route, expect flowers to show up around 8 to 10 weeks. And if you’re growing it outside, expect to start harvesting buds during the first half of October.

Growing Blueberry is another one of the things people love about this strain. During its early growing phases, the plant will be short and stout with a nice mix of red and purple coloring. Later on, it will take on some beautiful blue shades. Buds are usually tight and compact, and if they take on bluish or purplish shades, they can start looking a little bit like blueberries.

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