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Ghost OG Strain Information

Ghost OG Strain Information


Ghost OG Strain Information

Ghost OG Strain

You ain’t afraid of no ghost, right? Better not be; otherwise you’ll miss out on the strain that’s going to light up the country this summer: Ghost OG.

She’s a chip off the ole’ OG Kush, the legendary West Coast cannabis family for over twenty years. But Ghost, for all its California heritage, has Florida roots.

In fact, Florida is the secret behind what makes this strain so incredible. Ghost OG is named after a grower who goes by the name “Ghost.” Ghost tapped into a unique, and influential Florida line of OG Kush dubbed “Triangle Kush”.

While in full flower, Ghost OG stirs up all the fond flavors of OG Kush. Its buds are pale and sparkly, and the smells will remind you of a solitary hike in the forest, rich with tart bursts of pungent pine, followed by a malty, woody complexity.


Ghost OG is a “pure hybrid,” sporting 50/50 indica and sativa genetics. That makes this strain extremely versatile, both for medical use or recreational enjoyment.

From afternoons, into the evening and late-night, Ghost can manage a broad range of symptoms and indications, from nausea and migraines to chronic pain, depression, and insomnia.

If you’re burning some Ghost OG for the fun of it, expect a potent hybrid effect: super stoney, euphoric, and cerebral “head high.” But what makes this strain so fantastic is that despite the strong effects, the high never feels invasive or disruptive.

No doubt the intense euphoria obtained from Ghost has to do with its extremely high THC content. Averaging close to 17 percent THC content, some strains topped 20 percent of the cannabinoid.

The flower smokes medium to heavy-bodied with maximum flavor.

Ghost OG is probably best for intermediate growers. Beginners might have a harder time with this strain. The plants flower in nine weeks and offer a moderate to sometimes heavy yield.

Considering how totalitarian pot enforcement is in Florida, it’s surprising that growers there have been able to push OG Kush into new domains. Thanks to hot climate and plenty of barely inhabited rural land for cultivation, however, Triangle Kush has passed on its genes to Ghost OG.

So get psyched for the all-female reboot of Ghostbusters this summer with Ghost OG!

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