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Period Troubles Are History With These Cannabis Strains

Period Troubles Are History With These Cannabis Strains


Period Troubles Are History With These Cannabis Strains

Your period is the worst week of a month by far! But, did you know that smoking a little green during that time of the month might make your period somewhat okay? These four strains have amazing and relaxing effects which will help you struggle through mother nature’s gift.

What To Know Before You Toke On Your Period

Before you medicate, there are some things you must know before sparking up during your period. Cannabis can and will, drastically lower the pain you feel from cramps and bloating. THC, in simpler terms, is a known analgesic agent. Smoke delivers THC into the body, alleviating nerve endings from feeling the full extent of pain.

Despite the pain, periods can also cause drastic mood swings, more commonly understood as the aftermath of PMS and an imbalance in hormone production. Smoking marijuana can help you regulate your emotions.

By using cannabis during the beginning of your period, it reduces progesterone levels and balances the amount of cortisol in their brain.

Cortisol is a hormone which produces a “flight or fight” response and is creates the hormone behind stress thinking. During periods, women often experience a surge of cortisol, and therefore a higher level of stress when faced with situations that trigger a “flight or fight” response. Smoking cannabis during this time can regulate the amount of cortisol, preventing severe mood swings or feelings of depression.

With these two things, it’s no wonder why women are choosing to medicate with green during their time of the month. These four strains are perfect for any woman who deals with a period.

Jet Fuel

Period Troubles Are History With These Cannabis Strains

Even though it sounds a bit intense, jet fuel is the ideal strain of cannabis to help ease the symptoms associated with a period. Jet fuel is a hybrid strain, meaning it has properties from both Sativa and Indica strains. The mix of these strains provides both soothing, yet uplifting effects. You’ll want to relax in your sweats or participate in a yoga challenge using this strain!

Blue Dream

Period Troubles Are History With These Cannabis Strains

If you’re a female who’s ever had her period, you know that sometimes the best medicine is a good nap. This strain is perfect for doing just that.

Blue Dream is an indica dominant hybrid strain. Indica strains are known precisely to help with insomnia, which can be a problematic side effect of your period.

An Indica strain can relieve migraines and headaches. An imbalance of estrogen causes headaches during your period, but fear not! Blue Dream is known for releasing dopamine and estrogen inside the brain. These feel good hormones will allow you to relax with both mental clarity, but also stillness.


Period Troubles Are History With These Cannabis Strains

It might seem strange to smoke this strain on your period, (unless you’re into that). But, Sexxpot isn’t just a getting freaky type of strain.

Sexxpot is an indica strain which is specifically designed for women to have an orgasm. Even if you’re not having sex, this strain will give you an orgasmic feeling throughout your entire body.

Sexxpot has a low THC percentage that results in minimal sensation in nerve endings. By releasing a low amount of THC, the chemical triggers receptors in the brain which are not stimulating during regular life activities. These receptors are linked to pleasure, meaning you can feel really good on your period, without having to get up in those sheets. 

Death Star

Period Troubles Are History With These Cannabis Strains

No matter how long you’ve had your period, you can’t help, but want to destroy it. This strain does just what its name would suggest.

Death Star is an indica dominant strain (75% Indica, 25% Sativa) which promotes euphoric and relaxed vibes for when your monthly visitor leaves you exhausted and annoyed at the world. The medicinal use of this strain is to allow aching patients with relief in their muscles and also to help anxiety sufferers.

Death star’s THC (17%-27%) to CBD (0.43%) ratio is high. This means you won’t feel anxious or have worrying thoughts while smoking this Star Wars themed bud.

As a woman, you shouldn’t have to accept a period which will leave you tired, anxious, and in pain. These four strains specifically will help you ease the pain during your dreaded monthly visitor.

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