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Durban Poison Strain Information

Durban Poison Strain Information | Green Rush Daily


Durban Poison Strain Information

Durban Poison


Durban Poison is a classic among cannabis growers and cannasseurs alike. Durban Poison plants are known to be fairly versatile and can be grown in a number of conditions and locations.

The fact that they can sometimes get as tall as 12 feet, however, can present some difficulties for indoor cultivation.

Durban Poison is also knowns for its nice, thick trichome coating, which covers most parts of the plant. Its buds have the thickest layer of trichomes and are usually fairly large and chunky.


Durban Poison is a pure sativa strain. Its THC content ranges from 12.5% to 24% with most buds coming in right around 15%.


Durban Poison has a rich and longstanding history as a widely used sativa strain. It really moved into prominence on the global cannabis scene in the late 1970s. That’s when cannabis cultivator Ed Rosenthal brought it back to the U.S.

From there, fellow cultivators Mel Frank and Sam the Skunkman from Amsterdam, both spent time developing strains.

As one of the world’s most classic pure sativa strains, Durban Poison has been used as a key component in a huge number of hybrids. In fact, there’s a good chance that it’s a great-great-grandmother of the bud you’re smoking right now.


Durban Poison originates in South Africa. It gets its name from the country’s eastern port town, Durban.

After establishing itself as a regional favorite, it has spread throughout the world, largely thanks to the cultivating efforts of folks like Rosenthal, Frank, Skunkman, and many others.


The fact that Durban Poison is a pure sativa strain makes it particularly good for energetic highs. Many users say it gives them a noticeable energy boost, and also helps them stay sharp and focused.

The strain’s reputation for giving users a helpful boost of energy has led many to refer to it as the “espresso of the cannabis world.”

Along with providing people a nice energetic high, many people who have used it report experiencing helpful sparks of creativity.

When it comes to medicinal uses, this strain is a powerful way to treat bouts of depression and severe anxiety. It’s also effective in helping people cope with pain.

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