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Strawberry Cough Strain Review And Information

Strawberry Cough Strain Review And Information


Strawberry Cough Strain Review And Information

Strawberry Cough will leave the most seasoned smoker in a fit of coughing. It’s known for two things: strawberry taste and serious head highs.

Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough is strong enough to leave even the most seasoned smoker in a fit of coughing. But the payouts are huge. This strain is known for two main things: its amazing strawberry taste and its serious head highs. The combination of these two characteristics has helped make Strawberry Cough one of the most popular strains on today’s legal cannabis market.


Strawberry Cough is a relatively potent Sativa strain. And while most members of the Sativa family average around 13.5% THC, this one comes in anywhere between 15% and 20%.

That extra boost of THC elevates this strain to an entirely new level. And it’s what gives users the incredible high that Strawberry Cough has built its reputation on.


Strawberry Cough Strain Review And Information

Strawberry Cough isn’t called that for anything. A substantial hit on this strain will probably induce a fit of coughing and some very watery eyes. But don’t worry. What comes next makes the entire thing worth it.

Expect to notice a heavy-hitting cerebral high. It’ll give you a killer combo of energy, focus, creativity, euphoria, and a generally uplifting vibe.

Scent & Flavor

When it comes to scent and flavor, there’s only one word you need to know: strawberries. Rumor has it that the original plant used to create Strawberry Cough was found growing next to a bunch of strawberry plants. The sweet smell of fresh strawberries has been a hallmark of this strain ever since.

Negative Effects

The heavy head highs produced by this strain are usually a good thing. But sometimes it can be a little too much.

When that happens, users can feel anxious and paranoid. Sometimes people also get headaches. And if it’s your first time using this strain, you might want to go slow. This will help you limit how intense your bouts of coughing are.

Used For

Strawberry Cough Strain Review And Information

This strain can be utilized for all sorts of things. To start with, the energizing and uplifting highs it produces make it a great daytime strain. Use it when you need a boost of energy or some additional focus. It’s also ideal for creative tasks and times when you need to think outside the box to solve a problem.

Strawberry Cough induces a happy sense of sociability. It helps people feel talkative and upbeat. And that makes this one an excellent strain for parties and social events.

And finally, this strain can also be used for some health conditions. Patients have success using it to treat stress, depression, pain, and fatigue. Others report using it to treat severe headaches and lack of appetite.


The precise genetic origins of this strain are wrapped up in deep layers of cannabis legend. But as far as we can tell, the story is that this strain was created using a plant grown next to a strawberry patch.

From there, the original was crossed with a Haze plant. The result was a strain that had a distinct strawberry flavor profile, but that also incorporated the cerebral buzz of Haze strains.

Since its inception, Strawberry Cough has grown in popularity throughout the U.S. It’s traditionally a clone-only strain. But some seed sellers have developed their own versions of it.


If you grow Strawberry Cough outside, be sure it’s relatively warm and sunny. It will start flowering in late October.

If you’re growing it indoors, keep it around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Expect flowers to show up around the nine-week mark.

Buds will be chunky and will taper off toward the top. Expect to see a thick layer of amber-colored trichomes covering the leaves and buds. And of course, you’ll enjoy the flower’s smooth scent of strawberries.

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