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10 Best HID Lights For Growing Weed

Best HID Lights For Growing Weed


10 Best HID Lights For Growing Weed

If you want to tap into the power of growing with HID lights, get started with this list of the best HID lights for growing weed.

For many weed growers, high-intensity discharge (HID) lights are the gold standard. They are more efficient than many other light bulbs and they crank out tons of super-powerful light. Generally speaking, HID lights do an excellent job of replicating the sun’s natural light. Here are the best HID lights for growing weed.

Best HID Lights For Growing Weed: A Quick Introduction

Let’s get started with some basics. Weed growers use three main types of light: fluorescent, LED, and HID. The main benefit of using HID lights is that they produce an incredible amount of light, and they do it relatively efficiently. The downside is that they generate a lot of heat. That means you have to install fans and a good ventilation system, otherwise, you could burn your plants.

There are two main types of HID lights. Metal Halide (MH) bulbs produce light that is more on the blue side of the spectrum. This light is perfect for the early vegetative stage and can kick start some serious early growth.

High-Pressure Sodium lights (HPS) are generally used for the flowering phase since they produce a reddish-yellowish light that mimics sunlight during the fall season.

Both types of HID lights can technically be used throughout the full life cycle of your plants. But this isn’t the ideal way to use HID lights since it means your plants only get a portion of the light spectrum. Instead, most growers who use HID lights switch from MH lights during the vegetative phase to HPS during the flowering phase. More and more, people are also experimenting with using both lights at the same time.

10. iPower 1000W Metal Halide

Best HID Lights For Growing Weed

A versatile MH bulb for growers who already have a HID setup.

The Price


The Good

This MH bulb produces tons of blue and violet light and will jumpstart your plants. With extra long bulb life, you won’t have to replace them as often as you would other bulbs.

The Bad

We’re talking only about the bulb here, so if you’re new to HID lights, you will need to piece together the rest of your setup before you can use this bulb.


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