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Bugs In My Weed Garden: 4 Pests To Look Out For

Bugs In My Weed Garden: 4 Pests To Look Out For


Bugs In My Weed Garden: 4 Pests To Look Out For

Humans aren’t the only ones who love weed. These bugs can ruin your cannabis plants and all your potential marijuana yield overnight.

Have you found bugs in your marijuana garden

A wide range of insects love to feed on your cannabis plants, ruining your harvest. These pests can infest gardens indoors and out, so vigilance is the best prevention. Inspecting your garden at least once a week will help minimize damage caused by invading pests. This guide will show you how to spot the most common types of bugs in your weed garden.

1. Spider Mites

4 Bugs You Can Find Destroying Your Weed Garden

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What are They: These tiny bugs are arachnids, like spiders and ticks, and stunt your plant’s growth and can kill your garden if left unchecked.

Where They Come From: Spider mites are most often introduced by new clones or plants, but they can also attach themselves to your clothing.

How to Spot Them: They tend to live on the underside of leaves, and they are tiny so a magnifying glass may help you find the little bugs.  Spider mites also cause little yellow spots to form on your leaves.  Eventually, the leaves will begin to look bronzed from the feeding frenzy.  When the spider mite infestation gets bad enough, they will form webs on your plants.

2. Russet Mites

4 Bugs You Can Find Destroying Your Weed Garden

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What are They: Also known as Broad Mites, russet mites are a relatively new, and particularly troublesome, pest.  They can carry plant-killing viruses, they feed on resin glands, and will are difficult to get rid.

Where They Come From: Unsanitary conditions, introducing infected plants, and bad luck.  The mites spread outdoors on wind and are also carried by water. Russet mites have also been known to infest seeds.

How to Spot Them: Even smaller than spider mites, russet mites are difficult to spot with the naked eye.  Infected leaves will begin to curl, turn a beige color, and eventually die and fall off.  You can differentiate a russet mite infestation from spider mites because they don’t produce webbing.

3. Aphids

4 Bugs That Can Ruin Your Garden | Green Rush Daily

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What are They: These winged insects can catch your garden off guard if you aren’t vigilant.  Aphids are small and can hard to spot due to their coloring.  They feed on the sap running through the leaves and stems of plants, leaving behind a sticky waste called “honeydew.”  Honeydew can attract other pests or cause sooty mold to grow, ruining your crops.

Where They Come From: Winged aphids deposit larvae on to plants.  The larvae feed on your plants, become mature, and reproduce.  Soon your plant becomes a thriving aphid metropolis!

How to Spot Them: The presence of sooty mold often alerts gardeners to the presence of aphids.  Check under new bud growth or nodes for aphid colonies.

4. Thrips

4 Bugs That Can Ruin Your Garden | Green Rush Daily

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What are They: These creepy little crawlies have wings and love to munch on tender, new bud growth and will suck all the nutrients out of your leaves.  They are a common and destructive pest, and they love cannabis.

Where They Come From: Like other pests, thrips can be introduced by new plants or carried on clothing.  Although not very powerful fliers, this bug’s wings will take them long distances flying with the wind.

How to Spot Them: Thrips are often found on the underside of leaves or marching in columns.  They are very tiny, so magnification helps.  Leaves will have silvery spots where the thrips have fed.

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