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Why You Should Clone Your Cannabis Plants

Why You Should Clone Your Cannabis Plants


Why You Should Clone Your Cannabis Plants

Why You Should Clone Your Cannabis Plant

The ability to clone cannabis plants is one of the go-to methods for growing new cannabis plants. Unlike starting from a seed, cloning allows you to use a grown cannabis plant to create a bunch of new, baby cannabis plants. There are some benefits to cloning your cannabis plants. Adding this technique to your cultivation toolbox will help you become a boss cannabis green thumb.

Here are the four most important benefits of cloning your cannabis plants:

Exactly What You Want

When you clone a cannabis plant, you’re making a perfect DNA copy of a plant that already exists. That means that you can wait until you find a perfect plant—one that’s healthy, that grows well, that produces a lot of bud, and that grows the kind of flower you love to smoke.

When you’ve found that ideal cannabis plant, the only way to get additional plants just like it is to clone it.

Planting seeds of the same strain won’t even guarantee a match.

That’s because plants are a lot like humans when it comes to DNA. Every person has a unique and distinctive set of DNA. So do plants.

So even if you plant a seed of the same strain, the new plant will be slightly different from the plant you’re trying to replicate. Cloning is the only way to ensure that you’re growing a perfect replica.

For this reason, cloning is a great way to ensure that your cannabis plants are exactly what you’re looking for. Do some experimenting, and as soon as you find your dream plant, clone it.

As long as you clone the plant properly and do a good job of taking care of the new plant, you’ll be able to grow as many generations of the “mother” plant as you want.


Getting high-quality cannabis seeds can quickly become expensive. But cloning helps you cut back on those expenses.

Cloning requires only a handful of everyday tools along with a few specific horticultural products. But beyond that, it’s just a matter of completing the process and giving your cuttings a chance to grow roots.

When you clone a killer cannabis plant, you’ll get an entirely new batch of plants without spending another penny on seeds.


Cloning cannabis plants lets you skip the seed germination phase.

When you start from seed, you need to give it time to germinate and sprout. During this process, the seed will break out of its hard shell, start growing roots, and begin developing leaves. But all this takes time.

When you clone, you bypass all of that. Cloning lets you go straight to the root growing stage. As soon as your clones develop their root systems, they’re ready to dive right into the real work of growing, budding, and flowering.

Cloning lets you get to the flowering phase quicker than starting from seed.

If you do want to start from seed, check out our guide for properly germinating cannabis seeds.

More Yield

Because clones get to the flowering phase quicker than starting from seed, you can squeeze in more harvests per year.

If you’re growing outdoors, you can probably get in another harvest or two before it gets too cold. If you start everything from seed, the whole process will take longer, and you couldn’t get multiple harvests out of a single season.

And if you’re growing indoors, you can crank out some serious bud. By cloning, you can have a constant cycle of mature plants, baby plants, and growing plants.

If you time it right, you could theoretically have a continuous flow of bud all year long.

As you can tell from this list, there are tons of amazing benefits that come from cloning your cannabis plants. That’s what makes cloning such an important skill for any committed cannabis grower.

If you’ve never cloned before, take some time to check out our guide for cloning cannabis plants, and you’ll be well on your way to producing an endless flow of amazing cannabis plants.

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