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Flushing Your Weed — How and Why

Flushing Weed


Flushing Your Weed — How and Why

Flushing does not mean tossing your weed in the toilet when you are afraid of getting busted.

Rather, it refers to the process of clearing your plants of fertilizers before harvesting.

Many growers flush their plants before harvesting.  But why do they do it?

Flushing involves giving your plants clean water for a period of time before harvesting.

It is a simple step that helps your finished buds smoke more smooth.  Flushed buds tend to irritate your lungs and throat less when you smoke.

By adding only pH treated water, with no additional fertilizers or additives, the plants are allowed to uptake and process the remaining nutrients from the grow media.

With soil-grow cannabis, a flush is not as important, but depending on the type of nutrients or pesticides used in your grow, it can be quite beneficial.

Flushing hydroponically-grow weed is much more important due to the nature of hydroponics.

Flushing Your Weed:

Flushing Weed

Luckily, flushing weed is a really easy process, and it can greatly improve the quality of your smoke.

Just keep in mind these few things before beginning the flush process.

Since flushing stops the flow of nutrients (which are crucial in the flowering stage), starting the process too early can hurt the final quality of your buds and overall size of your yield.  Be sure to know the flowering cycle of your plants.

Once you are sure your plants are about two weeks from harvest, you may begin the flushing stage.

Some growers will flush for as short of time period as a few days, whereas others will flush for up to two weeks.  Any long than that and your plants will begin to show signs of nutritional deficiencies and negatively impacting your finished product.

Flushing for up two weeks allows you bud to come out nice and smooth.

Given the differences between the ways different strains grow, it’s important to know your strain’s lifecycle.  Or experiment and find the best flush regiment for your lovely ladies.

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