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How to Grow A Pound of Weed Every 8 Weeks

How to Grow A Pound of Weed Every 8 Weeks | Green Rush Daily


How to Grow A Pound of Weed Every 8 Weeks

As caregivers or as recreational users, more people are beginning to develop at-home grow systems to cultivate their own strains of cannabis.

If you’re interested in growing a lot of weed for those purposes, then working out a “continuous grow cycle” might be the trick.

But as experienced cannabis cultivators will admit, getting a pound of pot on a quick, 8 week cycle is a complex, intricate operation.

Because it is no longer unusual for the average at home cannabis “florist” to grow large quantities of marijuana, many are on the lookout for the secrets to successful grows at home.

Maintaining a healthy and thriving home grow operation for large production is more challenging than simply acquiring the right equipment.

According to expert growers, it takes obtaining optimal space, timing, and plant size.

First, begin with the right raw materials. In order to get your marijuana production line running smoothly you need to have a consistent and reliable source of cuttings.

To run a continuous cycle cannabis grow room, make sure to choose your mother plants carefully.

For obvious reasons, purchasing your mother plants is a preferred choice for large scale grows at home. If you can make the connection, there’s often some enterprising team who specialize solely in selling cuttings.

While you may lose out on cost and selection, buying your mothers saves you the risk of selecting your own clones, and you have a higher chance of obtaining great plants.

Growing your own, on the other hand puts you in control. Even for a recreational grower, choosing your own strain has the joy of growing something different and the possible serendipity of hitting a variant jackpot.

Expert home growers also insist on the importance of getting the timing right. One of the biggest factors in getting production weights in and available is timing.

Budding plants will always take between 7 and 9 weeks, and to maximize the amount of cannabis produced per year you need to keep those harvests coming in every 8 weeks.

Finally, careful attention to the size of plants is essential to maintaining a strong continuous grow op.

Cultivating a pound every two months requires realizing that when growing indoors, small is best. How many plants you use, and therefore how short a growth stage you give them, is up to you.

To keep the cycle going, it’s a matter of managing logistics and making the most efficient use of your available space as possible. Work with 3 areas, a mother room, a clone room, and a flower room.

The mother room needs to be big enough for 2 to 3 mothers, around 48in x 48in.

The clone room is a larger space. Recommended arrangements involve 30 successfully rooted clones, creating that “sea of green” grow that is ideal.

When it comes to the flower room, expert growers recommend being realistic about the size of this room.

An experienced grower with all the add-ons and a plant he is familiar with can get half a kilo from a 1.2m x 1.2m tent and a 600w HPS grow light. Quite a significant amount considering the space

Final tip. If you’re growing for yourself, security is of utmost importance.

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