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Grow Tent Vs. Grow Box: Which Should You Use?

Grow Tent Vs. Grow Box: Which Should You Use?


Grow Tent Vs. Grow Box: Which Should You Use?

Grow tents and grow boxes can be super helpful ways to grow weed indoors. Here’s a full breakdown of what its like using a grow tent vs. grow box.

If you want to grow weed indoors, it can be incredibly helpful to use either a grow tent or a grow box. While there are many basic similarities between the two, if you compare a grow tent vs. grow box, there are some key differences that you need to know about. Understanding these differences, as well as what each one is best suited for, will help you get the equipment that’s right for you.

Grow Tent vs. Grow Box: An Introduction

Grow Tent Vs. Grow Box: Which Should You Use?

Let’s start with some basics. A grow tent is essentially a portable and reusable grow room. It’s usually made out of some sort of sturdy yet collapsible material, often times canvas.

The inside of a grow tent should be lined with reflective material. This helps maximize the lights you use to grow your plants, reflecting as much of it as possible toward your plants.

When people talk about a grow box, they’re typically referring to a kit designed to give you everything you need to start growing indoors. A grow box will usually come with a small, enclosed growing space as well as the basic equipment you will need to get your grow started.

Higher-end grow boxes are basically ready-to-use grow rooms: Just unpack it, plug everything in, plop down some plants, and let the box’s automated growing gear go to work.

Similarities and Differences

Grow Tent Vs. Grow Box: Which Should You Use?

The most important similarity between the two is that they’re both self-contained growing rooms. Both grow tents and grow boxes function as a room within a room, so you don’t have to convert an entire space into a full-scale growing operation.

Instead, grow tents and grow boxes let you carve out a smaller portion of an already-existing space and turn it into a dedicated growing area. Just set up your grow tent or grow box wherever you want to grow, and you have the foundation of your grow room.

The differences have to do primarily with size and how ready to use they come out of the box. A grow tent is just the tent, nothing else. That means you will still need to track down, purchase, and install all the other equipment you need.

Similarly, grow tents come in a huge variety of sizes. They can go anywhere from as small as 2′ x 4′ to as large as 20′ x 10′ and up. Clearly, this gives you more flexibility to tailor your grow tent to your specific needs and goals.

If you’re growing a couple plants in a tiny space like a closet, go with a compact tent. But if you’re shooting for a larger-scale operation, you can still use a tent; you’ll just need a really big one.

On the other hand, grow boxes usually come with additional growing equipment. Think of it more like a growing kit rather than a single piece of gear.

Grow boxes also tend to be smaller than grow tents. Similarly, they aren’t available in as many different sizes. That means that you are somewhat limited in how and where you can use a grow box. In general, grow boxes are on the smaller, more compact side.

Grow Tent vs. Grow Box: Which Should You Use?

Grow Tent Vs. Grow Box: Which Should You Use?

Now that you’ve got some basic information in mind, it’s time to figure out which one is right for you. As with anything else having to do with cultivation, it’s all about your specific goals and needs. Additionally, you need to think about logistic limitations you may face such as size and how discreet you need to be.

Grow Tent: Pros and Cons

Flexibility is the biggest pro to using a grow tent. Since you can get them in a variety of sizes, and since you can set them up pretty much wherever you need to, you can use a grow tent in any number of ways. Grow tents are easy to tailor to your specific growing setup. They’re also usually cheaper than grow boxes.

One possible downside to a grow tent is that you still have to buy all the other equipment, one piece at a time. This means it will take more time and effort to research, track down, purchase, and install everything. This also makes your grow a little less discreet. If neighbors see you hauling all sorts of gardening equipment into your house, they may get suspicious.

Grow Box: Pros and Cons

The best thing about a grow box is that they’re so user-friendly. This is especially true if you get a grow box that has all the other growing equipment already with it. In that case, you just set up and go to town.

This makes grow boxes a little more discreet: You get a single item and that’s about it. You won’t have to haul stuff into your house over and over again. It also means you don’t have to put forth as much effort getting each piece of gear.

On the other hand, grow boxes can be limiting. Since they typically come with all the gear, you’re kind of locked in to using whatever your grow box comes with. They tend to be smaller than tents, and if you want to expand your grow operation, you have to buy an entirely new grow box. And since grow boxes are often more expensive than grow tents, this can be a challenge.

Final Hit: Grow Tent Vs. Grow Box

Grow Tent Vs. Grow Box: Which Should You Use?


When it comes to weighing everything out between a grow tent vs. grow box, it’s all about what you need the most. Consider your growing goals. Similarly, think about any space constraints you may face.

If you like the idea of procuring each piece of growing gear, and you want more flexibility to change the size of your grow, a grow tent is for you. But if you’re looking to grow just a few plants in a small space and you don’t plan on expanding, or if you would rather not get every piece of equipment piece-by-piece, a grow box could be a better choice.

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