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Humboldts Secret: For Big-Time Pros And At-Home Grows

Humboldts Secret: For Big-Time Pros And At-Home Grows


Humboldts Secret: For Big-Time Pros And At-Home Grows

The cannabis growing gurus at Humboldts Secret have come up with the perfect fertilizing system. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner.

Growing pot plays an important role in making cannabis more mainstream and accessible. It’s pretty simple, really. The more weed that’s grown, the more there is for people to use.

And as cannabis becomes legal in more places, there are more growing opportunities. That includes big-time commercial growers. But it also includes small scale, at-home growers.

Regardless of the type of grower you are, fertilizing is one of the biggest things affecting your plants. Give them the right food and they’ll pay you back with some killer bud. Give them the wrong mix and they won’t produce as much.

Fortunately, the growing gurus at Humboldts Secret have come up with the perfect fertilizing system. Whether you’re a commercial grower or you’re growing your own plants at home, this system simplifies the entire growing process and sets your plants up to produce loads of beautiful bud.

Expert Knowledge: Ben Garber’s Story

Humboldts Secret: For Big-Time Pros And At-Home Grows

Humboldts Secret is the brainchild of long-time grower Ben Garber. After years of growing pot in the underground world of grow-converted houses, Garber had a bad encounter with law enforcement.

That’s when he decided to share his expertise with the world. Garber took everything he learned as a veteran underground California grower and condensed it all into an all-in-one plant food additive called Golden Tree.

“The key to the entire formula is that it came from the mind of a grower” Garber said. “I played and tweaked with all sorts of nutrients and methods in order to find out what worked and what didn’t.”

“With the help of some chemistry experts, we took my original formula, concentrated it, stabilized it, and put it into bottles,” he explained. “And that left us with three main components: Humboldts Secret Base A, Base B, and Golden Tree.”

What It Means

According to Garber, these three solutions give cannabis plants the perfect blend of nutrients. That means all you have to do is feed your plants the correct dose of Base A, Base B, and Golden Tree. Then watch them grow from baby sprouts to strong bushes full of sticky icky flowers.

This growing formula is a serious game changer. And not just because it meets the needs of cannabis plants. It also meets the needs of everybody interested in growing.

Humboldts Secret has streamlined and simplified the entire fertilizing process. And it’s equally accessible for the entire range of growers, from people with a single plant at home to business owners with commercial, indoor operations, and everyone in between.

Making It Easy For Everyone To Grow Pot

Humboldts Secret: For Big-Time Pros And At-Home Grows

“We’ve got some big-time growers using my formula. And when I say big, I mean really big,” Garber said. “These buildings are the size of Targets and Wal-Marts. Some have around two thousand 1,000-watt lights. That’s two million watts. The fact that these operations use my formula makes me feel pretty special.”

But Humboldts Secret hasn’t forgotten the small-scale growers. In fact, they want to make cannabis growing more accessible for everybody.

“Growing shouldn’t be exclusive to only a certain set of people,” Garber said. “It should be for the masses. It shouldn’t have to be difficult. The process of growing should also be fun.”

And that’s exactly what their growing system does. They’ve taken care of the nitty gritty science. They’ve already balanced out nutrients and calculated quantities for you.

And that means you can focus on what’s most important to you, whether it’s maximizing yields on a commercial grow or carefully growing your favorite strain at home.

The Final Hit

If you’re a rookie grower, Humboldts Secret makes the entire growing process accessible and straightforward. And if you’re a big-time, well-seasoned, commercial grower, their system provides a simple and effective fertilizing method.

“The beauty behind Golden Tree is it’s so effective,” said Garber. “It’s super easy for beginning growers. But for larger grow operations the simplicity of it is really appealing. We have big growers who use it, and they love it because it’s simple and it still delivers outstanding results.”

In the end, Humboldts Secret is helping the entire cannabis industry move forward. Simply put, they’re making it easier to grow cannabis.

Now anybody can have success growing pot. And ultimately, that helps make cannabis more accessible to the entire world.

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