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Tomato Growing Facility Turns Into Massive Cannabis Grow Operation

Tomato Growing Facility Turns Into Massive Cannabis Grow Operation
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Tomato Growing Facility Turns Into Massive Cannabis Grow Operation

A massive tomato growing facility will be converted into one of the world’s largest cannabis producers.

Canada’s move toward full-scale legalization is catalyzing a lot of business activity. In particular, a well-known cannabis company has teamed up with a huge agricultural company to create a joint venture called Pure Sunfarms. Now, the companies have announced that Pure Sunfarms has received all licensing and approval to move ahead with a project that will convert a massive tomato greenhouse into a cannabis growing facility.

Pure Sunfarms Receives Sales License

Pure Sunfarms jointly run and operated by Village Farms International and Emerald Health Therapeutics. Both companies are based in Canada.

Village Farms is one of Canada’s largest growers of greenhouse produce. In fact, it is the only publicly traded greenhouse produce company in Canada.

On the other half of the partnership, Emerald Health Therapeutics is a well-established cannabis supplier. So far, it’s been focused on growing and producing for the medical marijuana industry. But with full legalization on the horizon, the company is preparing to move into the recreational space as well.

And that’s where Pure Sunfarms comes in. In fact, the joint venture is largely a response to Canada’s upcoming legalization. The two companies teamed up to create Pure Sunfarms on the assumption that when weed becomes legal, there will be a huge new demand for legal cannabis products.

News of the joint venture between the companies has been circulating for some time. But now, it looks like Village Farms and Emerald Health can start putting their plans into action.

The companies recently announced that Pure Sunfarms has received its sales license from Health Canada. That means the company can legally begin producing cannabis and cannabis products for the upcoming legal market. They can also move ahead with product development, branding, and marketing plans.

In particular, they can start rolling out their plans to create a massive new cannabis growing facility. In fact, according to a press release published by the companies, their planned greenhouse will become one of the biggest grow sites in the entire world.

Tomato Growing Facility Turns Into Massive Cannabis Grow Operation

The companies’ main plan is to convert a greenhouse that’s already owned by Village Farms into a massive cannabis grow. Currently, the greenhouse is used to grow tomatoes. But in the very near future, it will be used to grow marijuana.

“Pure Sunfarms continues to achieve its milestones on or ahead of schedule, and has transformed the Delta 3 facility from growing and selling tomatoes to growing and selling cannabis in just seven months,” said Village Farms CEO Michael DeGiglio.

Pure Sunfarms first began growing marijuana in May. At that time, the companies converted 225,000 square feet of the Village Farms greenhouse into cannabis growing.

But this is only a portion of the greenhouse. And now that Pure Sunfarms has its license, the companies can start using the rest of the space.

Village Farms and Emerald Health plan to use the entire 1.1 million square foot greenhouse for cannabis production. Their goal is to convert the full greenhouse into a marijuana facility by the end of 2018.

All of this activity comes in anticipation of legalization. After a series of delays and setbacks, Canada is finally scheduled to legalize marijuana on October 17.

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